During the period of the golden Rock 'n' Roll years, 1945 - 1955, eight individuals, four males and four females, were brought here by the "Hillbilly God of Rock 'n' Roll". Their only mission was to give birth to four cool Rock 'n' Rollers strong enough to bring "Hillbilly Rock" into the 21st century. To be capable of such a task, each one of the "chosen eight" had to find a partner of the opposite sex, so they could spawn the children of the forthcoming carriers of "Hillbilly rock". This happened during the 60's. Late 60's all eight "R'N'R" parents were matched into four phenomenal couples! All four couples started to do their best to give birth to one R'N'R offspring. In the beginning of the 70's all four couples had been successful with their mission. They could all retire from the demanding work in bed, they had all given birth to one "Hillbilly Rocker" classy enough.
For the next 18 years they had to teach these four boys everything about the demanding life as a "Hillbilly Rock 'n' Roller". Instead of milk in the babies bottles they got whiskey, instead of sugar on their cereal they got cocaine, instead of lullaby's they got Elvis etc etc.
This way all four turned out to be ultimate rockers with only one mission in life, yes, to bring "Hillbilly Rock" into the 21st century!!

They year 2000 all four rockers finally met. Fred Tank, Kid Kreole, J. Calzone and the leader of the pack, D. Vacuum. The Accidents were born!! They now started to rehearse day and night. The few moments they didn't rehearse, they did drugs and beatiful ladies. During a wet night filled with clouded memories J. Calzone went missing. They all assumed he had gone over to the other side, and he was replaced by the mighty Rick Rebel Jennings. The Accidents lived 100% after the old saying "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll". For the band, this was the only way to live, this is the lifestyle of the Accidents.

Booze 031

Booze 019

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Rocka 001/Booze 012

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