"You wanted the best and you got it, the hottest band in the land . . . Adam West!"

Spring 2004

If you recognize where that line is from, then you know what time it is. Adam West is a rock-n-roll band, period. Take Iggy & the Stooges, Black Sabbath, The Misfits, The MC5, KISS, AC/DC, and mix in the best 60s garage punk and you've got Adam West. Can ya dig it?

Adam West has won the 2001, 2000, 1999, and 1998 Washington Area Music Association Wammie Award for Best Hard Rock Group; singer Jake Starr won the 2000 and 1998 Wammie for Best Hard Rock Vocalist. That's six awards in four years!

First things first . . . Adam West is coming back to Europe for their 5th and best tour in October/November 2004. To coincide with the tour, their premier label People Like You Records will release the second collection in the Adam West archives series called Hi-Balls Are Rolling! 1999-2001 that collects 20 non-album tracks from those years. This comes in hot pursuit of their last full-length rock-n-roll opus God's Gift to Women on People Like You Records that got rave reviews from all. A major six-week European tour in September/October 2003 supporting the album took Adam West from Helsinki, Finland, to Lisbon, Portugal, and all points inbetween.

Some recent history: Adam West released their 3rd full-length album, the rock masterpiece Right On!, on People Like You Records (Europe) in September 2001. Right On! was released in February 2002 by the Telegraph Company in the USA. Myrmecoleo Records in Japan released Right On! with five exclusive live bonus tracks in June 2003.

In Summer 2002, Adam West completed their 3rd headlining tour of Europe. To promote the tour, People Like You Records released the first collection in the Adam West archives series: a 20-song collection from the years 1993-99 called Ready Steady Adam West!

Adam West was formed in the early 1990s, when singer Jake Starr decided to form a 60s garage band. Adam West started gigging around Washington, D.C. and soon built up a local following. Jake immediately started his own label, Fandango Records, and started recording and releasing Adam West material . . . totally D.I.Y.

Their first single in 1993 "I Get a Sensation" was a rave-up garage slice and got Adam West international distribution by Get Hip Distribution. This record began the record collector's nightmare that is the Adam West discography! As of Spring 2004, Adam West has released over 25 7" singles, one 10" EP, seven CDs, and has made over 20 high-profile appearances on various compilation CDs. Check their discography and be scared . . . be very scared!

Through all this recording and mayhem, Adam West has toured the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and as mentioned earlier, all over Europe four times. They have rocked with some of the best bands in the genre: Hellacopters, Gaza Strippers, BellRays, Zen Guerilla, Electric Frankenstein, Candy Snatchers, B-Movie Rats, American Heartbreak, Groovie Ghoulies, Immortal Lee County Killers, Iron Boss, D-Generation, Mud City Manglers, Silver Tongued Devil, Muffs, to name a handful. They've also appeared on four local cable TV shows (including two high-profile appearances on MegaHertz), played local festivals like the Taste of DC, and have gotten frequent play on local Washington-area radio (WHFS-99.1 FM, WMUC 88.1 FM, and DC-101 FM), as well as national college radio.

Whew! If all this wasn't enough to read, the REAL story is on their kick-ass website. There is where you'll find all the accolades, scorching reviews, and killer soundbytes. So what are you waiting for? Fire up that web browser and get cracking!

Adam West is Jake Starr (throat), Steve (bass), Ben Brower (drums), and Dan-o Deckelman (guitar).

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