BLACK RADIO - Three years of ear splittin', no nonsense, high octane motor rock.

BLACK RADIO formed at the end of 2005 in their home county of Essex, England. With the line up then consisting of Mike Jones, Allan Gunby and Jay Lloyd, the band recorded their self released debut E.P 'No Frills, No Skills, Stripped Down & Faster Than Your V8', with favorable reviews from zines such as Maximum Rock N Roll and, comparing the sound to a souped up MOTORHEAD meets ZEKE with a heavy Swedish rock influence. Allan's departure from the band led to drafting in long term friend Tim Wilson to take up drumming duties - as evidenced on the well received Bootleg Booze Records split with THE RULING CLASS (ex PUFFBALL).

The band's understated demeanor and low profile on the circuit does nothing to diminish the raw potency of the band's sound, as BLACK RADIO's self titled mantra proclaims; 'Rollin' up in every town, turn it up and tear shit down!' isn't too far from the truth at the booze fueled parties that gets the crowd rocking out!

Booze 023
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Distributed by: Sound Pollution (Sweden + international) and Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands + Belgium).

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