Four Flamingos started out as a partyrock sideproject with four members from two different rockbands from Gothenburg (Swe). It started out during spring 2006 when four friends wanted to play some pubrock/partypunkrock together just for fun while partying.

While drinking beer on a bustrip the drunk singer said that he wanted to name the band "Four Flamingos". After a few rehearsals they decided to make some recordings. So Chris brought some recording material to the rehearsalroom and Magnus brought some drinks and here are the results. The Mad Evil Woman 7" will be out on Bootleg Booze records during Autumn 2007! And more music is coming! Enjoy! Cheers!

Booze 026

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Distributed by: Sound Pollution (Sweden + international) and Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands + Belgium).

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