Cementing the name change in 1994, Ironboss continued stacking bricks on the foundation established by Gearhead (previous name), a veritable hacksaw of a quartet from the hills of Western Maryland. The band's insistence on jacked up guitar riffs played with hammering, revved up single-mindedness continues to this day. The single-minded purpose, of course, for ringleader Chris Rhoten, was to match on guitar the intensity of tearing up a motocross track without care for life and limb. From 1988 through the present, the band has blended a hands-on relationship with DC punk and hardcore (Scream, Dag Nasty, Ignition) with an equal passion for Southern rock (Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot). The results are one of a kind, with Chris' tuneful, but throaty, yowl, and twangy, chickenscratch guitar barbequing over a beefy, quick-tempo'd rhythm section.

The band has slugged out hundreds and hundreds of shows in beat-up clubs all over the States and Europe, breaking bones, vans, hearts and equipment along the way, as well as recording six cd's worth of rock to tremendous acclaim in publications such as Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Terrorizer, Classic Rock, and numerous other large publications. Ironboss has released material on labels in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

With well over a decade of backbreaking mechanical labor at the Carroll County Landfill, and over thirty years of backwoods living, Chris Rhoten walks the walk. In addition to handling vocals and guitar, he is a professional moto-cross racer, and extremely dangerous man, having broken over fifty bones, suffered dozens of concussions, been struck by lightning twice, been accused of murder, assault, EPA violations, and worst of all, looking like David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap. He is missing a chunk of a finger on his left hand, and has had a bizarre fascination with Captain Beefheart since he was a boy.

Bassist Dave Waugh picked up from where Ed "Big Daddy" Roth left off, and more or less kicked-off the hot rod tattoo craze in the early 90's. His tattooing is world renowned, and he has ruined people's skin all from Osaka to Stockholm. And he's now in fit and fighting form. Those old Iron Maiden shirts fit once again.

Drummer Patrick Kennedy is a respected writer who has contributed to Details, CMJ, Alternative Press, Oui, Bizarre, Guitar World, Drum, Tattoo, and many others. He breaks everything he touches.

Guitarist Metal Matt Crocco is the walking encyclopedia of rock and roll, and well known for his Thin Lizzy-style licks. He is a member of good standing in the Iron Maiden fan club, and runs a damn fine pizza place. Ironboss has toured/played with the following bands: Clutch, Motorhead, Queens of the Stoneage, Zwan, Rollins Band, Danzig, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Nashville Pussy, Mudhoney, Electric Frankenstein, Hatebreed, Quiet Riot, Alabama Thunderpussy, Zeke, and many more.

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