Mary's Kids - Destroy!

Back in the winter of 2002 my partner-in-crime, Jake Starr, and I were invited by the Hellacopters to accompany them on a 7 day whirlwind tour of Finland in support of the "By the Grace of God" LP. Needless to say, this was not something we had to be talked into. In the slightest.

When we were told that Oslo's Mensen would be opening all the shows we were even more into coming over.

Why? Well, in a nutshell both Jake and I are addicted to chick rock bands and Mensen were one of the finest.

That week was a blur and owing to some very shady actions by their US record label the band itself was destined to implode some months later.

But, kids, songwriters of the caliber of Mary Currie don't stay down for long. You are holding the result of her latest project in your hot, grubby mitts now. She has a assembled a crew of young guns. Her kids, you might say, and written an entire LPs worth of these great songs.

You are now hearing la crème de la crème of those songs right now. And, goddamnit, if "Destroy!" doesn't make your feet tap and your mind think. The powers that be HAVE taken our heroes and used them to sell cars and cruises. 20 years ago they didn't want to know who any of these bands were. And now? Doesn't that piss you off?

Fuck 'em, I say.

Bootleg Booze is proud to release the debut EP by Mary's Kids. They might be the first label to release this band's material but as sure as the hairs on my head (and other areas) are going grey they ain't going to be the last.

Listen to Mary's Kids and go back to a time when your rock was fresh, fun and most importantly, fucking honest.

Dave Champion
Stockholm, Sweden
September 2006

Booze 022

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