Urrke T & the Midlife Crisis aren't as much a band as they are a gathering of good friends joining forces to pay homage to good ol' punkrock. Hence there is no real biography about the band, instead we decided to post some excerpts from an interview made with Urrke T, for Maximum Rocknroll.

Besides the fact that it's three killer tunes, what was it that made you chose those particular three? I mean, there must have been loads of ideas on songs to do. What makes these stand out?
They are three of my favorite songs all time and I feel that they have always been a little left behind and forgotten. Among the more young people they have probably never even been heard and discovered at all. There are of course 1000s of more songs like that (which is on the other hand a guarantee for making some more recordings) but these were the first 3 to come to my mind.

Are there any tracks you'd love to do but fear you won't do justice? Why?
Well, there's a lot of ones I would love to do. Actually the songs that are the most simple is the ones that is most hard to do something good of. Once (late 80´s) I played the drums in a Glamrock-band called King Size and we tried to cover Slaughter & The Dogs "Boston Babies", which is great with them, but when we tried it, it just sounded boring, because it's such a simple 3-chord song, and we didn't manage to "make it come alive" if you see what I mean? I'm sure Midlife Crisis would make it though. We have the right spirit.

You're obviously very busy people, what made you decide to add yet another task to your already busy schedules?
I had been talking and thinking about recording a single with some songs I really like for a few years time. I had even given these 3 specific songs to the drummer and guitar player of the band Satirnine, who are good and close friends. But we didn't seem to hit it off by some reasons. Then the Hellacopters had a short break and I spoke to Robert if he wanted to play the drums. So he did and he also said that our mutual friend Måns of the Maggots probably would be interested in joining the project. In a phonecall with Dregen I told him what we were gonna do and he also wanted to take part. In the end we found ourselves to be the perfect match. We didn't even rehearse. We just went in the studio and recorded the fuckin' songs. This was never actually planned with the people involved. It just happened that way. I think we had to do it. It was our karma :)…

Does Urrke T & the Midlife Crisis consist of steady band members? I mean, you're all busy as we talked about the previous question and there really never was decided on who would be in the band, what would happen if the opportunity comes up for a recording session and one of the four guys on this 7" isn't available?
Midlife Crisis as far as I'm concerned consists of Me, Måns, Dregen and Robert. If someone isn't available we will wait. We have no career-ambitions with this band. It's for fun. Maybe IF we will ever do any live-gig/gigs I have thought of maybe bringing in another bass-player so that I can concentrate on the vocals. But as you know, nobody knows if that even is gonna happen.

And the choice of labels to release the 7" fell on Bootleg Booze Records, why?
Because I know the guys and I know that they make records by the same reasons that makes Midlife Crisis recording. To have a good time and do cool and neat stuff.

The front cover is an obvious tribute the Heartbreakers - Please Kill Me and goes well with the theme of the 7". But it really doesn't have anything to do with the music on the record. A story behind this?
We didn't know exactly how the cover was gonna look like when we entered the studio. One idea was to take a photo with the Swedish, American and English flags as backdrops. To represent the origins of the three songs. Nobody except me liked that idea though. Dregen came up with the idea to do the Heartbreakers/Please Kill Me-rip off photo. "Lets go to a secondhand shop and get 4 cheap white shirts", he said. So we did. I came up with the splendid idea of getting a plastic bag full of free ketchup from McDonalds, he he. Mickey Rip who owns the Acetone studio took the photo with his digital camera. So we actually did the recording, mixing + cover photo in two days :) And almost for nothing. Punkrock alright!

Are there any plans on getting together for some live shows or is this a hobby/studio band only?
I was mentioning it earlier and I don't know if plans are the right word really. Since everybody, especially Dregen and Robert, are so busy with their other acts, it is very hard to have any plans at all. Which in a way is very Punkrock also :). We have been offered to play all around Sweden already + we have been offered to do tours in Italy, Spain and Finland. All of it would be very cool of course. But we have never rehearsed, we only have three songs and everybody is busy all the time. It was fuckin' hard to get all 4 in the studio the same day. And that was only ONE friggin' day, you know what I'm saying? But… everybody wants to do at least one show sometime! So, we'll see what the future has to bring.

Why do you think people wanna hear old old songs brought forth by a whole other band? What do you yourselves like about covers?
I DON'T think people WANT to hear it. I just want to DO it. And as I think it's good and a cool thing I think that everybody who happens to hear it will like it. If they don't, tough shit, heh… It's just something I wanted to do to have some fun. You know. It's no pretentious fuckin' rubbish. It's just 10 minutes of good fun and Rock N Roll. Also, it would probably have felt quite useless both for us and people who listens if we covered well known songs by The Clash, The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, right? Not because they're not good. But because everybody has anyway heard it already so it would only be boring. That's my idea of playing good covers. Dusting off some old forgotten rough diamonds who deserves to be remembered just because they're so damned good. And fun to play. And have meant a lot to YOU. They feel like a part of your life that you wanna reveal and immortalize or something. And it's of course also a way to pay tribute and respect to the bands who made them in the first place.

All right, we'll end this with those tips from you. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview and feel free to add anything you wish.
Well thank YOU! Thanks to everybody who have taken their time to read this interview & hopefully will go to their local dealer or on the internet to buy our record! And watch out for the second coming! Hope to see you all somewhere sometime. You rule! Stay sick! Live young & Die hard!

3rd CRISIS EP 7"
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