The band with which it all started.
Late 1994 the band that included one half of the Bootleg Booze crew, Andreas Larsson, started to rehearse. Some well recieved demos later they were ready to get their tunes etched down on vinyl. But who could release it? The answer was easy - they themselves! This was the start of Bootleg Booze Records with Andreas and Ola Eskilsson (the older brother of the NoR singer) taking matters in their own hands.
1999 the first 7" "F**k You!" was released, including two tracks of hardrock influenced rock 'n' roll.
A little over two years later it was time again. This time they teamed up with Gothenburg rockers Rickshaw for a split 7", a real winner if you ask us!

Noise of Reality ceased to exist 2002. And during their 8 years they created their own slammer/garage/hardrock/heavy metal rock n´ roll sound taking influences from bands like Guns ´n Roses, W.A.S.P, Nirvana, Entombed... It would've been nice to see a few more releases, don't you think?

split 7" w/RICKSHAW
Booze 003

F**K YOU! 7"
Booze 001

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Distributed by: Sound Pollution (Sweden + international) and Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands + Belgium).

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