The guitar driven beast collectively known as RICKSHAW first put their mark on rock & roll history back in 1998. The release of the highly acclaimed seven inch EP “ELECTRIC SHOWDOWN” began RICKSHAWs first step to superstardom.

RICKSHAW gigged their way around the icy Scandinavian lands and released the “ONE DOLLAR” EP the following year. The songs generated interest in punkrock label BELUGA, whom released RICKSHAWs debut LP “TENDER SONGS OF LOVE” in 2000.

RICKSHAW continued releasing seven inchers as if there were no tomorrow. “NOTHING TO LOSE”, a moderate hit on Swedish radio was released a couple of months after the LP release, followed by a string of compilations on various labels.

In 2001 RICKSHAW made a few changes in the line-up and settled on Jocke, Bobby Dawn, Carlos Satanos and Machabuzz. The CD “DOUBLE DELUXE” was the first release with the new line-up. The album saw the first mark of the new RICKSHAW sound. A bigger and ballsier sound without losing their punk vibe. “DOUBLE DELUXE” sold well over expectations and had to be repressed a couple of times.

A mere 6 months after the release the band followed up the project with the “ACTION…GO!” CD, which picked up where “DOUBLE DELUXE” left of.

RICKSHAW kept getting offers to do more vinyl singles and in 2002 the band released “NUMBING FUEL”, “HANG TOUGH/STIFF NECK” and “FORTUNE TELLER”. RICKSHAW also survived a Scandinavian tour with Adam West, aswell as their first German tour. It is in the sweaty live shows RICKSHAWs hard hitting rock & roll has come to its best.

RICKSHAW are now signed with California based label Devil Doll Records. The first release from Devil Doll Records was a compilation of the best from previous singles and albums naturally called: "DOWN THE ROAD AND STILL BURNING FUEL - THE GREATEST KICKS OF RICKSHAW". The CD was released in March 2003.

In August 2003 Devil Doll followed up with a brand new CD named "Sonic Overload", recorded during 2 sweaty weeks in Gothenburg City.

split 7" w/THE STRAP-ONS
Booze 004

Booze 003

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