With the follow up to their ´02er-Debut “Blown Action Rock” the V8WANKERS set a new mark in the German “Street-Rock” scene. Founded in 2000, their love to American muscle cars and dirty Rock‘n’Roll, brought the Offenbacher “car-hools” into contact with Rose Tattoo and gave them the opportunity to open up some shows for the Australian rockers. With ending up as friends.

They also supported acts like Motörhead, Gluecifer or Nashville Pussy as well as rocking the same stage as Turbonegro did on the 2001 Bizarre-Festival. That way, these Offenbacher five piece convinced the audience with their unique “Street Rock” credibility.

All these bands influenced the V8WANKERS and they have now left their raw and punky roots to a more Hardrock / Street Rock oriented level, which could shoot them in the premier league of Rock‘n’Roll. The „newbies“ Schmuddel (git.) and Rocking’ Reject (dr.) played a substantial role in this musical change, cause they do not only fit musical wise, but also visually to the „V8W-Oldsmobiles“ Vulcanus (git.), Rico (bass) and Lutz Vegas (ges.). So now there are five tattooed Us car maniacs rockin’ the house!

split 7" w/BAD MACHINE
Booze 013

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