Introducing the Boozersclub.
Now you don't have to sit at home chewing your fingernails 'til it bleeds over if you're gonna get your hands on the next ultra cool Bootleg Booze release or not. No, that time is way gone. We welcome YOU to join the vinylclub and become an Honorary Bootleg Boozer.

And as if that title wasn't enough, the deal also includes the following:

- 1 copy/each of the limited edition club-versions of five 7" releases
- Your own Boozersclub memberscard

And this awesome deal will just cost you 400/500/600 SEK postpaid (Sweden/Europe/World).
All prices includes Swedish Tax (25%). If you live outside EU the prices will be without Swedish tax when you make your order.

Note: Due to the different currencies being ever changing we only have a set SEK price. Click the link below for an accurate up-to-date price in your currency.

Now, all you have to do to become a member is to click the link below.

Boozersclub membership (opens in a new window)

Information about our vinylclub:

Boozersclub - see the status of your vinylclub membership in our shop
For a long time we have been wanting to add our vinylclub to the mailorder so you as a customer can see the information regarding your membership under your account.

This is what you will see:

- If your membership is active or not.
- How many singles you have left in your membership.
- Your membership number.
- Your subscription history.
- When we have shipped your members singles.

How we ship the membership singles
All membership singles are shipped with the swedish post through regular AIRMAIL as that is included in the price. If you for some reason wants your singles shipped as a insured/registered letter please email us and we will let you know what that will cost you extra.

Membership ends...
When your membership has reached the limit of the 5 x 7" vinyls that are included in your membership you will automatically receive an e-mail about it. If you want to keep your subscription and to keep receiving the members singles you will have to renew your membership through our mailorder.

E-mail notice when shipping the members singles.
When we ship out your membership singles you will receive an email about it so you know it is on it's way.

One address
Another good thing is that if you move and want your address to be changed you just log into your account in our mailorder and change it there. We will also use that address for shipping your members editions.

Benefits as a member - 5% discount on all records.
All Boozersclub members will automatically have an 5% discount on all records you buy from us as long as your membership is active. You will be able to see the deduction in the cart contents, total order estimate and the checkout process.

Distributed by: Sound Pollution (Sweden + international) and Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands + Belgium).

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