Black Radio / The Ruling Class – Split 7″

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Shot In The Foot


Its hard to top the “No Frills, No Skills” 7″ released in 2006 with its 4 tracks of pure spit, sweat and blood soaked rock n roll, but Black Radio have done it! Two brilliant speed rock n roll tracks that make you want to steal the neighbours car and run red lights and out run the pigs!

The first track, Outlaw Racer, is nothing short of breakneck speed genius. Its loud, raw, hard and fast, and the way it leads into the second track, Time’s Up, is also very cool.

Time’s Up is also a brilliant track with a fast, effective, infectious riff that makes you want listen to it again and again just to see if you’ve digisted it all, and you know what, you haven’t! Genius!

After hearing the Black Radio side, you are not sure if The Ruling Class would be able to compete or keep up, but they have!

Born To Kill is the first track and it is prety fucking good! Hearing this track makes you want to learn guitar and drink brew for breakfast. Its loud and fast and has a killer riff.

However, the intro to the second track, The Last Of A Dying Breed, is slow and not what you expect to hear, but once it kicks in, its another amazing song, enough to make you think The Ruling Class were actually baptised in fire!!!

All in all i give this record 4.5/5


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