The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

Review in

AMP Magazine


Date: 20071107

Wow! This smacks you in the face as soon as it erupts out of the speakers! The album title is right on the money. Red hot blistering and wild! This fucking ROCKS! Moves along at a sweat inducing pace and just keeps burning up the stereo! This band HAS to be fantastic live! Super strong melodies, fuzzed out Real Rocking Roll guitar blasts, a powerful and fat backbeat, throbbing bass, and more all crammed into this hot rod. Makes you feel like smashing stuff just for the hell of it! Man, if this band from Lincoln/Nottingham, UK doesn’t wake you up, you are dead my friend (and you wouldn’t be my friend, I’m sure)! The UK, though you wouldn’t know if from there totally shit music press that squelches anything new, is blooming with tons of new HOT ROCK & ROLL bands, and The Hip Priests are one of their best!
Written by: Sal

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