The Incubators – Vision Express 7″

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The Next Big Thing


The Incubators are from Oslo but suffer the same condition as their label mates. They’ve been sentenced to make the sign of the devil like they just don’t care. These guys remind me of the great b-sides that The Sweet used to bolster their more bubblegum tunes with. Semblance of vintage Alice Cooper in there too. Onetime Gluecifer and Tip Topper alumnus, there’s definitely a bit more glam about this but it swings no less for it. Like Dave Champion sez in the liner notes “Parasite in Paradise sounds like Roky Erickson if he ever got to Scanadanavia”. That scenario is about to happen. Incidentally the Rok is at the Bowery Ballroom in New York tonight. It’s set to be a cold, wet night there. Hold the alligators willya? Final song on the EP is “Vision Express”, crying out to be the theme song of the chain of opticians stores here in the UK. It’s even more reminiscent of our favourite martian and could well be the greatest slice of Norwegian rock since The Tracemen’s “She’s Got A Hard-On”.
Written by: Lindsay Hutton

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