The Deadbeats - Come Clean 7"

The Next Big Thing (UK)

The Deadbeats will appeal to those who dig The Hellacopters but with a twist of Thin Lizzy thrown into the mix. “Long Hard Nights” will push all the right buttons because it’s made with a lot of panache. Bringing the finest ingredients of Australian and Detroit to Sweden where it seems to be the perfect environment for it to breed like topsy. A question of temperature indeed. The “Come Clean” EP has 4 tracks, one of them is Cheap Trick’s “He’s A Whore” and you can always tell how cool a band is by the calibre of their cover versions and that famous guitar lick is Dictatorised and as you can imagine that scores pretty much a bullseye around these parts.

Lindsay Hutton
I-94 Bar (Australia)

Note to self: Check the speed of a 7" before whacking it into the jukebox, you idiot! This one sure sounds funny at 45 rpm - like Alvin and the Chipmunks on a cocktail of nitrous oxide and helium and in leather jackets. Anyway, at appropriate speed, "Come Clean" comes across as a meeting point for a heap of influences. Best contemporary comparator might be The Sewergrooves; both have a similar feel for catchy and tuneful, never overblown rock songs. "Putting Out My Fire" and "Keep Me Waiting" are pretty spiffing in their own right. Sweden must be a crowded musical landscape but The Deadbeats say more over four songs than half their contemporaries manage to do over a couple of albums. I never got Cheap Trick (couldn't get past "Dream Police" and that silly baseball cap) but the cover of "He's a Whore" attracts no flies.


The Barman

Schokolog Zine (Sweden)

Yeah! Deadbeats serverar här en minst sagt delikat 4 låtars 7" på svenska Bootleg Booze Records. Schysst orange vinyl ger mej ett leende som bara färgade vinyler kan ge! Ok, jag känner mej lite obekant med The Deadbeats då jag tidigare bara hört ett fåtal låtar. Men det blir det ändring på från och med nu efter denna singel. Schysst ganska smutsigt ren, om man nu kan säga så, rock'n'roll serveras. Sköna influenser som ger en bra eftersmak men det känns inte som något försök till att vara något de inte är. Ett steg ifrån vad mina fördomsfulla tankar sa till mej om att det skulle vara ett band med överdriven macho-attityd. Positivt som fan! Den här singeln är djävulskt bra i mitt tycke. Då musiken sammanfattar en bra del av det bästa ifrån rock så kan det inte bli dåligt! Dessutom bjuder de på en Cheap Trick cover, schysst! For those about to rock, köp singeln innan den tar slut!

Betyg: 4/5

Daredevil Magazine (Germany)

To keep it short...this is one of the best 7inches I heard in a while and if you like the new stuff of Hellacopters you sure will worship this piece of wax, cause The Deadbeats are smooth, but they rock and the songs are catchy as hell. The Deadbeats have everything a great band needs...good musicians and a perfect feeling for writing good music. Each one of their songs on this 7" has chartbuster qualities...ok..."he´s a whore" (Cheap Trick) still is a hymn and fits perfectly to the rest of this outstanding output. Listen to The Deadbeats or die!!!

rating: (7/7)

RB (May 2004)

Underground Society Webmag (France)

Quand on approche cette belle pochett toute cartonnée, il est vrai qu'on reste un peu perplexe à la vue de la couver. On dirait un espèce de groupe new wave / goth avec cette imagerie noir et blanc, auquel vient s'ajouter ce sang bien rouge. Dans tous les cas, elle accroche bien l'oeil, ce qui est un bon départ pour découvrir ce groupe. Formé par des membres de Backyard Babies, Hellacopters [ Robban E. ] ou Mary Slim [ Urrke ] cette formation nous propose quelques titres dans une veine punk 77's, avec par exemple ces mélodies entêtantes, qui ne sont pas mélodiques mais plutôt rentre dedans. Véritable pépiteprête à sauter, ce EP est à découvrir de toute urgence.

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Philippe Duarte
"Oh man, is this here Bootleg Booze release ever worth your attention and hard earned cashola. You get three great Deadbeats songs and a smokin' version of Cheap Trick's "He's a Whore" on this slab o' wax. Do not mistake this band with the 1978 version from LA. To do so would be a mistake and you would miss out on some killer shit.

I first heard the Deadbeats in late 1999 via their CD release on Fueled Up Records. It rapidly became a favourite at the Casa Champion and I was lucky enough to hookup with members of the band on my various trips to Scandinavia over the last few years and we have become great friends. Great band with TONS of great songs. Rest assured, young ones, you WILL be hearing an awful lot from this band from Finspång over the next little while.

I once called them *the best unsigned band in Sweden* and I haven't been proven wrong yet.

Then again, taste is really subjective, isn't it?

Enjoy the record and support labels like Bootleg Booze. They really do have your aural interests at heart!"

Dave Champion
Stockholm, Sweden
February 2004

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