Bad Machine/V8 Wankers - split 7"

I-94 Bar (Australia)

Presumably two more bands off the Scandinavian rock and roll production line because they're on the great Bootleg Booze label and, as you might guess, it's great driving music (especially if you like to go fast!) Bad Machine crank out two ball tearing punkers with metal leanings ("Deathrace" and "Thunderbeat") while V8 Wankers go toe-to-toe on the flip with a brace of their own songs ("Iconoclast" and "El Camino") in the style of Nashville Pussy or Motorhead. The A side is preferred, especially because "El Camino" descends into a dirge.


The Barman (Finland)

Engines roar, exhaust fumes cloud the air and the smell of burnt rubber hits the nostrils. This split seven inch by Bad Machine (Finland) and V8 Wankers (Germany) is dedicated to those speed-junkies with high-octane blood in their veins, to whom drag racing and rock n' roll are a way of life. It comes as no surprise then, that this duo races along the same much roamed asphalt as Motörhead. Among possible newer reference points would surely be Zeke.

Sounds of the Drags! includes two songs from each band. There's not a huge change in style or quality after flipping sides, but after the chequered flag has been waved, I'd say the winner is Bad Machine. I recently had the pleasure of seeing them warming for Zeke, which probably influenced my decision more than my Finnish hearing organs.

Basically the music rocks on each side of the record, and the German team isn't far behind. This is straight to the point, ballsy motorist rock with an appropriate daredevil attitude. What more could you ask for? Even an academic, driver's license lacking, public transport utilizing fellow like myself gets a kick out of the sheer sense of speed and excitement. For a more long-lasting listening experience, however, I'd require some tempo changes plus catchier world and melody interplay. But I guess that'd be a breach of etiquette.

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

Never owned a custom car, had a tattoo or watched a drag race (though I been to a couple of drag shows, haha), but I sure like motorpunk and this battle with 2 songs each is highly listenable. Vehicle 1: Bad Machine's speedy "Deathrace" brought back memories of Puffball, and "Thunderbeat" is a fine kickass rocker. Vehicle 2: V8 Wankers blast through the Motörhead/Zeke rager "Iconoclast" but loses energy with the monotonous "El Camino". I've heard better tunes by V8 Wankers on other comps.
Still, a pretty decent release.

Jens (#21, February 2005)
Close-Up (Sweden)

Denna fiktiva dragracingbatalj avlöper helt och hållet till Finlands fördel.
Bad Machine, som 2002 debuterade med fullängdaren "Rip your heart" (Dead Beat), lämnar omgående tyska motorkolossen V8 Wankers i ett moln av bränt gummi och avgaser.
Även om V8:an i "Iconoclast" minner om hur Poison Idea lät på "We must burn" förefaller den hjälplös i jämförelse. Det är för mycket Rose Tattoo och för lite action.
Bad Machine kan däremot sin Zeke och Motörhead och kommer långt på det. "Deathrace" och "Thunderbeat" är två solklara bevis.

Calle Granehult (#72 februari/mars 2005)
Daredevil Magazine (Germany)

Gentlemen...Start your engines...Bad Machine starts the engine really quick...damn these guys spread the flair of a nitroinjected Hot-Rod and the music is just my played Motörhead-infected Rock´n´ Roll...a bit in the vein of Peter Pan Speedrock and with "Deathrace" and "Thunderbeat" they´ve chosen two fantastic tracks for a 7" loud and no mercy. V8Wankers seem to be in Motörhead too, but these guys are mixing in some really need Psychobilly and the voice of Ralf gives you the rest...raw power in your face. You better be fast, cause these goodies will be sold out really soon.


RB (January 2005) (Norway)

Dette er nok en høyst energisk vinylplate fra Bootleg Booze Records. Bad Machine og V8 Wankers leverer punk rock i samme heseblesende tempo som coveret gir inntrykk av.

Førsteinntrykket jeg fikk når jeg så coveret på denne singelen, var at dettte her var opptak far et dragrace stevne. På coveret er det bilder av gode gamle klassiske dragstere som en illustrasjon på den actionfylte musikken til disse to banda. Hvis du fra før av har fått med deg skivene til The Accidents, så vet du at det kommer mye høyst energisk rock fra Bootleg Booze.

Siden dette er en splitt singel av god gammel standard, så er det innlysende at banda har en side hver å boltre seg på. Begge gjør unna to låter hver, og Bad Machine gjør det hele unna på rundt fem minutter , og V8 Wankers klokker inn to spor på rundt seks minutter. Nærmeste sammenligningspunkt må være Motörhead av litt eldre dato. Banda leverer ikke noe nytt og revolusjonerende, men kommer greit unna med det de gjør. Bootleg Booze skal i hvertfal ha cred for å ikke fore oss med unødvendige power ballads. Her er det høyt tempo fra begynnelse til slutt.

Man anbefales å spille plata høyt slik rock skal. Og for dere som er ukjente med håndtering av god gammel vinyl, står det på coveret at plata skal spilles på et stereoanlegg med stift på spilleren for å unngå skade på skiva. Prøv med andre ord ikke å dytt den i cd.spilleren. Logg deg også inn på og sjekk ut om det er flere eks igjen av denne energiske vinylsingelen.

Bård Brandt

Underground Society Webmag (France)

Je vais finir par croire que Bootleg Booze records est le plus grand dénicheur de talent en matičre de rock'n roll venant des pays scandinaves. car depuis que j'écoute leurs productions, aucune n'a été mauvaise, bien au contraire. Il en va de męme pour ce split EP qui renferme une plétoire de titres prčs ā vous exploser ā la face. Par exemple, Bad Machine nous balance le puissant et violent "Thunderbeat" qui me fait penser parfois ā du Motorhead. Quand ā V8 Wankers, ses deux titres que sont "Iconoclast" et "El Camino" nous pénčtrent directement dans trippes, pour ne plus en sortir. Profitant d'un beau pakage et d'une production de haute volée, ce split EP est ā découvrir, pour vous la jouer auprčs de vos amis.

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Philippe Duarte

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