The Deadbeats - Long Hard Nights LP/CD

The Next Big Thing (UK)

The Deadbeats will appeal to those who dig The Hellacopters but with a twist of Thin Lizzy thrown into the mix. “Long Hard Nights” will push all the right buttons because it’s made with a lot of panache. Bringing the finest ingredients of Australian and Detroit to Sweden where it seems to be the perfect environment for it to breed like topsy. A question of temperature indeed. The “Come Clean” EP has 4 tracks, one of them is Cheap Trick’s “He’s A Whore” and you can always tell how cool a band is by the calibre of their cover versions and that famous guitar lick is Dictatorised and as you can imagine that scores pretty much a bullseye around these parts.

Lindsay Hutton
Degeneration Overdrive (Can)

So I walk into the record store to get my usual fix of hot vinyl, so as I flip thru the records feeling that whatever leftover cash that should be put into food is that’s burning itself away into Mathieu’s high rollin’ bank account, I come across this big red record that I would normally, probably would of passed by (cos you do end up judging many books by their cover) but then I notice it’s put out by bootleg booze records? Well knowing that the stuff they put out is quite good, I ask if I can hear it. Well what came to my hear after that was like the sweet rush of an opiate… I rarely get to hear new bands in this genre of music, which The Sewergrooves, The Flaming Sideburns and The Hellacopters fall under and when I do I count my lucky stars that somewhere in the world (usually Sweden) some people rock out to the best. Well if you catch my drift then this record is for you.
Favs: I need to fully digest this one to come to a conclusion. (Flo)
Punk & Oi in the UK (UK)

Whereas many of today’s wannabe garage bands or trash punk acts seem to try too hard to get that authentic atmosphere, Swedish quartet The Deadbeats suffer no such afflication. ‘Long Hard Nights’ is a confident, superbly delivered collection that remarkably is only their second album. In particular the guitar and vocal interplay from front man Andreas Axelson and guitarist Andreas Sjoberg, is especially noteworthy, with melodic riffs and expressive hooklines emanating from both. They offer knowing nods to the likes of The Hellacopters, and Southern rock although cleverly avoid all that ‘white boy boogie’ shite. ‘Long Hard Nights’ is a celebratory feast of quality rock dripping with imagination and class performed with panache and a style and class all their own. Add to that 12 self-penned cuts that are hard to separate on the quality level and you’ve an album of distinction and real competence, a rarity amongst the genre.
4 out of 5
Review by Sean McGhee

Shindig Magazine (England)

This is the type of thing that often gets called garage-rock but which really isn't. It's actually coming more from that sorta riff-laden post-beat/post-psych but pre-punk rock'n'roll kind of sound. If I want to be lazy I could say it's a mixture of The Datsuns and Kings of Leon. But, yeah, that is very lazy. There's more to The Deadbeats than that. As a band they are quite capable of standing up on their own without such comparisons.
These guys are, I think, coming up with tunes that ought to be able to get more mainstream attention than the stuff I usually get to listen to. Yeah, they've got songs. They play 'em well. They've got some personality. They've got what it takes. If you like fellow Swedish bands like Mando Diao or The Sewergrooves, then you'll dig The Deadbeats too.

Murray Abisch

Melodic Hard Rock Today (Norway)

The Deadbeats are from Finspång in Sweden and have been around for some years now. They recorded their first self-titled CD in 1999, followed by two 7"singles, before they now returned with their new album, Long Hard Nights. The Deadbeats have specialized their style round Traditional Rock with a lot of influences from the 70`s. I will call their style Groovy Traditional Rock with a dose of everything from Hellacopters, The Angels, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kiss. What impress me most with releases like this, is that it sounds so real and down to earth. All kinds of technical equipment is put a bit on the side, and with vocals, drums, guitars, bass and hammond, The Deadbeats prove that it`s still possible to make quality rock music. The twelve songs on this CD really make my feet moving from the very first moment with the opener State Of Shock. But at the same time I get a relaxing cool feeling when I listen to their songs. It`s something about their style who is a bit laid back, but still very entertaining and cool. Vocalist and guitarist Andreas Axelsson has a cool voice and make a great mood into the songs, just listen to Mr Brokenhearted and Putting Out My Fire. To pick out favorite tracks from this album is very hard because I like all the songs, but with killer songs like Perfect World, Too Late To Save and Same Damn Thing, I think they show great talent in both instrumental performing and songwriting. A must-have album for fans of seventies rock, so check out The Deadbeats, with Long Hard Nights!
Hussieskunk (USA)

This is either 70s style groove rock or late 90s garage rock from Sweden, I still haven't decided. Either way, its really mellow, musty rock n roll that makes me wanna grab a beer and a joint and just sit back and relax in my LoveSac. The Deadbeats play their music quite like their name... When I think deadbeat, I think lazy, slacker, go with the flow kinda stuff... The album is just like that. Groovy mellow rock that melts you away to another time and place. "Long Hard Nights" is a great name for the album too, as this is the soundtrack to a hard night of boozing and pilling it up. I would almost consider it hangover music, the type of album that you would put on while curling up to your lady friend in a drunken stupor. With twelve tracks of cool lazy melodies, you will find that The Deadbeats will suit the needs of those of you looking for an escape. "Long Hard Nights", I've decided, this is a splendid collection of retro-fueled 70s groove rock, meant for all of us beer pounders around the world! -MG
I-94 Bar (Australia)

The hard rock revival that's still sweeping the minds of mid to large record company A&R divisions continues to focus on the power riff, tatts and smokes in the t-shirt sleeve, Ted-Nugent-Acca Dacca-Rosie Tatts aspect of '70s rock. That's all well and good (if done with the requisite degree of irony), but there more to the world of long haired power rock than, well, power rock and long hair. The Deadbeats have successfully seized on another, more subtle, aspect of the '70s thing, namely, the cool, relaxed slacker rock aesthetic.

The opening track ("State of Shock") – fueled by dominating riff that's simultaneously laconic and engaging – would fit comfortably onto Side 4 of Kiss' "Alive II" (the studio side of which, including a cover of the Dave Clark 5's "Anyway You Want It", was recorded without Ace 'cause The Spaceman was too tired and emotional to remember where the band was supposed to be recording).

In fact, the whole album gave me the same appropriately reverential nostalgic feeling that the quite amusing (if intentionally juvenile) Detroit Rock City tribute to Kiss' 1970s popularity. There's plenty of chunky guitar (witness the meat and three veg satisfaction of "Mr Brokenhearted"), the riffs keep spinning out with the consistency of a Tim Rogers-Angust Young factory line assembly. The vocals reminded me a lot of Steve Miller (that's "Abbacadabra", not the guy from The Moodists) but unlike Steve Miller, I never once felt compelled to throttle my stereo to stop the insipid noise.

"Putting Out My Fire" is a slower, but more concentrated, the riffs more staccato and possibly a bit spicier, while "Dead Dog Serious" is straight off a 1978 FM Top 40 list with a guitar feel that's similar to Clapton at the crossroads between legendary white bluesman and cleaned up movie soundtrack author. "Can't Get Up" is an oximoron if ever I've heard one, 'cause if you can't get on your feet after this one, you must be bolted to the floor.

The rest of the album just stays happily in the groove, a simple but structured layering of the essential elements of honest rock'n'roll. The concluding (title) track is a sleeper that evolves from a generic rock intro into a rousing call to arms that The Casanovas would be proud to call its (their?) own.

This album is undeniably consistent and solid. While it doesn't take rock to new heights, the plateau it reaches is rich in musical enjoyment. Why bother searching for anything else when the grass straight in front of you is quite green enough, thank you very much.

Patrick Emery (Sweden)

Varför inte bara flyta med?

På Roskilde 2002 fanns det ett gäng som tältade med en backdrop som stolt skanderade "Slackerism – against all creative activity". Deras slogan har stannat med mig. Och först nu slår det mig att de har fel.

The Deadbeats spelar nämligen slackerrock. Tillbakalutad, svängig rock. "Ingen jävla upplevelsenoja", som Kjell Berqqvist eftersträvade i filmatiseringen av Ulf Lundells "Jack".

De må ha lyssnat sig fördärvade på senaste The Peepshows, men så är det.

På tåget någonstans utanför Hudiksvall lägger jag ner tidningen i kassen och sjunker ner och blir i än större utsträckning ett med stolen jag sitter, eller numera halvligger, i. Mats Olsson har precis avslutat sin krönika om Totta som var på drift. Och det slår mig att det lika gärna hade kunnat vara The Deadbeats krönikan handlade om.

"Long Hard Nights" behandlar melankoli och att ständigt vara på väg. "Mr Brokenhearted" heter en av de bättre låtarna och på andra ställen är de "Lost in the Streetlights". Eller så handlar det, som skivtiteln antyder, om "Long Hard Nights".

Inte för att jag tror att Olsson skulle få samma associationer till ett gäng rockers från Finspång, men ändå. Det är ju ingen "soul" alls med "Long Hard Nights". Även om jag tror att någon recensent med jävligt god vilja säkert skulle kunna få in det någonstans. De har ju gunget. Inga stela knän här inte.

Fast "Long Hard Nights" är ändå en upplevelse. En skön sådan dessutom. Avslappnad. En av behållningarna är just att det bara svänger på. Ledsamt när det inte händer något tycker någon. Tja, allt har sin tidpunkt. Det behöver inte hända något hela tiden. Det är rätt skönt att bara hänga med ibland.

Betyg: 6/10

Tomas Lundström
Daredevil Magazine (Germany)

It was about time that these guys are back with a new long-player...I mean...what should I say...I loved their 7" earlier this year (also on Bootleg Booze). This album is another step forward to the Rock olymp. A lot of people said that The Deadbeats sound like the new Hellacopters...f**ck no...I think The Deadbeats are better. Long hard nights isn´t overproduced and, but also pretty fat and damn smooth to the ear. Just the perfect mixture out of traditional Rock and some Garage with great refs and melodies that stay in your head for days. It would take toooo long to talk about every track on this silver plate, but there´re only highlights on Long Hard Nights and believe me after a couple of minutes listening to this CD you will love the Deadbeats too. A whole lot of guitars...a whole lot of feeling...a whole lot of Deadbeats. For fans of Jet and Hellacopters a must...for the rest of the world a must too.


RB (December 2004)
Close-Up Magazine (Sweden)

Att Deadbeats är något av en veteran inom svensk actionrock är inte ett välkänt faktum.
Redan 1996 såg kvartetten från Finspång dagens ljus.
"Long Hard Nights" är dock inte så mycket en uppföljare till "Deadbeats" (Fueled Up, 1999) som en markering av gängets nystart. För med ett delvis nytt manskap, nytt bolag och nytt sound är det faktiskt ett nytt band som visar upp sig.
Något det dessutom gör utan att behöva skämmas.
Det bjuds på stilren, välproducerad rock med sjuttiotalets Kiss som uppenbar influens. Någon gastar säkert "Hellacopters-plagiat".
Men vem bryr sig? Det är likt förbannat bra.

Calle Granehult

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