The Accidents - Poison Chalice LP

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

I got some good news and some bad news about the new Accidents record. The good news is that it sounds exactly like "All High Time" only better, and the bad news? Well, there isn't any. It's still rabid turbocharged punk'n'roll mayhem where ol' Hank Williams Sr. gets the Devil Dogs-on-rocketfuel treatment. Ragers like "4 Days Til Payday", "I'm On A Roll", "Good Girl", and "Speedking Crown" almost melted my speakers with sheer sonic power. A track like "Louise" also shows their superior command of classic '77 punk melody. So far the best Swedish r'n'r record I've heard in 2005. Get the vinyl version, there's two live bonus tracks, "Rock'n'Roll Gravy Train" and the ol' "Burning Love" standard. And remember what D. Vacuum sez; the chalice never lies.

If you dig: Devil Dogs, Hank Williams Sr., Radio Reelers

("Masterpiece... or thereabouts...)

Jens (Lowcut #29)

I’ve grown fairly desperate with the rock genre over the last month. Ever since MTV discovered the – in my opinion a little overrated – Hives, every rock act seems to imitate Pelle and his band. And all of a sudden The Accident’s hit me completely out of nowhere and rock all my misery to dust and ashes.

“Poison Chalice” is all about fast forward rock&roll, no holds barred and radiating the pure lust for life. The distortion and speed pedals are mostly buried under a ton of bricks and when the boys step down a little to give you room to breath as in “She walks the line,” the result is a brilliantly catchy track of unadulterated rock and roll romance. Damn, I can’t even keep my thoughts in line while listening to this album! Virtually every song bursts with incredibly infectious melodies and catchy choruses – there’s absolutely no room for depression here! Although the album comes without a lyric sheet the words can be easily inferred from the soundtrack – it’s all about cars, girls, and trading work time for leisure. Imagine the most perfect combination of Puffball and the Beach Boys and you’re not even close. Christer Spectorson’s utterly powerful production fits the songs perfectly and tops off the best rock&roll album I’ve heard in years. And it goes without saying that such an album finds a worthy conclusion in the anthemic “It’s gonna be alright.”

The Accidents are never mean with infectious rhythms and great melodies and are ready to get you dancing and singing along in the blink of an eye. You better be aware this band has all authenticity in the world to back up their illustrious nick names and massive sideburns. Must-have!!

xsebx (Belgium)

There's only one country where this high-octane rock 'n' roll rollercoaster could have been produced, and that's Sweden. Some of these guys played in Voice Of A Generation before, and I assume they are all quite in their thirtees at least. They released six 7 inches before and a full-length, but this is their first release on Swedish premier punklabel Burning Heart.

Put this album in your player, make sure to crank up the volume, close your eyes and get ready for a super-speedy bumpy ride without fringes. This is smoking rock 'n' roll with a lot of punkattitude. Think of a mixture of ferocious New Bomb Turks, Danko Jones rockpower and Ramones 3 chords topped with a mature voice and the occcasional backings, clappings and a thrilling 3 second guitarsolo from time to time.

I kinda like the recent evolution of bands that grab back to the simplicity of music with bands like Teenage Bottlerocket (why haven't I reviewed their album which is the best that came out in 2005 yet?) and Chixdiggit in the back of my mind. Although this sounds totally different again, it's in that same uncomplicated trend that The Accidents do their Rock 'n' Roll thing. If you're somewhat bored as I am with the current amount of screamo - emo - indie punk that is coming out, here's a good remedy to get your mood back up where it should be. I can only imagine what a live show with this band could mean.

Best Song: Poison Chalice
Rating: 88%

Hein Terweduwe (Sweden)

Örebros THE ACCIDENTS är inte bara Sveriges snyggaste band, utan också det bästa för tillfället. Det var länge sen jag blev på så grymt bra humör när jag hörde en skiva. Som ni kanske redan vet så består kvartetten av diverse kvarlevor från bland andra NASUM, VOICE OF A GENERATION och CHARLES HÅRFAGER. Men det här är långt ifrån ett ihopsatt ”kändisband”. Den här skivan är så läskigt svängig att jag nästan blir rädd. Tänk er en fet grogg gjord på STATUS QUO, HURRIGANES, HANK WILLIAMS, DEVIL DOGS och MOTÖRHEAD. Voilà – där har ni ”Poison Chalice”! Det är ta mig fan så att jag överväger att bli raggare – så bra är plattan. Det enda spåret som inte faller mig i smaken är ”Speedking Crown”, då den påminner på tok för mycket om VOICE OF A GENERATION. Låten är inte dålig, men den passar inte in på ett annars felfritt album. Men ett extremt litet snedsteg har jag överseende med. ”Poison Chalice” kommer ändå att toppa min lista över årets bästa släpp. Kom igen nu era inskränkta metalskallar - våga köpa något annorlunda. THE ACCIDENTS är rock ’n’ rollens motsvarighet till MANOWAR!

Dennis Tencic

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