The Incubators - Vision Express 7"

The Next Big Thing (UK)

The Incubators are from Oslo but suffer the same condition as their label mates. They’ve been sentenced to make the sign of the devil like they just don’t care. These guys remind me of the great b-sides that The Sweet used to bolster their more bubblegum tunes with. Semblance of vintage Alice Cooper in there too. Onetime Gluecifer and Tip Topper alumnus, there’s definitely a bit more glam about this but it swings no less for it. Like Dave Champion sez in the liner notes “Parasite in Paradise sounds like Roky Erickson if he ever got to Scanadanavia”. That scenario is about to happen. Incidentally the Rok is at the Bowery Ballroom in New York tonight. It’s set to be a cold, wet night there. Hold the alligators willya? Final song on the EP is “Vision Express”, crying out to be the theme song of the chain of opticians stores here in the UK. It’s even more reminiscent of our favourite martian and could well be the greatest slice of Norwegian rock since The Tracemen’s “She’s Got A Hard-On”.

Lindsay Hutton
I-94 Bar (Australia)

Two ex-Gluecefiers on bass and lead guitar team with a vocalist-guitarist-organist and drummer from the Tip Tops to cook up a monstrous slab of rock and roll. There's a wicked groove at the bottom of this and Sindre Matre is a singer with more than a passing resemblance to Roky Erickson (a conclusion I swear I reached before laying eyes on Dave Champion's erudite liners). "Tough Night" is a song so hard it wears a kevlar jacket, yet doesn't rely on brute force or flat-out pace to make its point. "Parasite Paradise" is just as sharp and you can lay the credit on Rolf Uggen's stinging lead guitar playing.

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

When Gluecifier called it quits some of the members joined this combo. The Incubators deliver classic rock with bigass riffs and melodies that stays with you for days. A song like “(I Could Be) Your Nightmare” sounds like a hardrock take on Roky Erickson (“The Evil One” period), and the three others follow the same path. Good shit! Blue vinyl limited to 500 copies.

If you dig: New Christs, Roky Erickson, Radio Birdman

("Fantastic... like in really, really good")

Jens (Lowcut #31)

The Incubators Could Be Your Nightmare

About 15 years ago I was watching the nightly news on TV in the United States. As some of you may recall this was during the time leading up to the First Gulf War. There was a tearful Kuwaiti girl testifying in front of the US Congress about what she had seen in hospitals in downtown Kuwait City namely, Iraqi soldiers taking premature babies out of incubators, dropping them on the floor to die and then packing up the incubators for shipment to Baghdad.

As it later turned out the entire story was bullshit. The girl was the daughter of some Kuwaiti royal family member and the whole scheme had been cooked up by some public relations firm in the US to garner sympathy for Kuwait.

I can tell you one thing about the Incubators you're listening to right now. If anybody tried to dump these guys on a floor they would end up with a mouthful of feedback.

The Incubators hail from Oslo, Norway and are comprised of Sindre Matre on lead vocals and guitar, Stig Amundsen on bass, Rolf Uggen on lead guitar and Ulf Bendiksen on drums. If some of those names sound familiar then good! Both Stig and Rolf played in the late, great Gluecifer while Stig, Sindre and Ulf are veterans of the Tip Toppers.

But just who the hell is this Sindre guy whose name keeps popping up? Well, in a nutshell, he's a goddamned songwriting genius and I mean that sincerely. This guy can write more catchy songs in a week than most songwriters hatch out in a year. Just because his bands never play live means nothing. A good song is a good song.

And just what do we have here? 4 songs of exceptional quality. Jesus, "I Could Be Your Nightmare" sounds like an out take from any of the last 3 Nomads LPs while "Parasite In Paradise" conjures up visions of what could have happened if Roky Erickson ever got to Scandinavia. Augmented by the lead guitar of Rolf Uggen these songs are a step ahead of 99% of what passes for rocknroll these days.

And in a world of posed-out fakeness, the Incubators are the real deal.

Dave Champion
Stockholm, Sweden
October 2005

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