Mary's Kids - Destroy 7"

The Next Big Thing (UK)

Mary’s Kids “Destroy” is perhaps the best of the bunch. Like Suzi Quatro fronting Radio Birdman with a chorus worthy of Slade. A rendezvous of sonics and then some. Very sharp revved-up run through of Ike Turner’s “I’m Fed Up” on the flip will make sure you end up anything but. That mood should remain intact just so long as you keep flipping the record over. I can’t legislate for the bummer that might ensue when you stop.

Lindsay Hutton
I-94 Bar (Australia)

Mary's Kids are Mary Currie (ex-Mensen) and three boys and this is their debut release. No better way to make a mark, either, with three slices of wholesomely loud and melodic rock and roll. "Destroy" gets along on a catchy guitar line and Mary's appealing vocal. If you're Australian, think Gazoonga Attack with lotsa Ramones. If you're not, buy it anyway. There's a rare crunch in the guitars and Mary's voice is exceptional. On the flip, "Lost" spotlights Ramblin' Roy's fine fretwork and "I'm Fed Up" isn't quite in the same league but who cares, I wanna hear a full album. Maybe they can call it "Mary's Kids Are Alright?"

Maximum Rocknroll (USA)

This band features Mary Currie (formerly) of MENSEN and I might have known that without the insert telling me so, as the comparisons are obvious. I have a total weakness for girl-fronted rock'n'roll. Still, it's a weakness that I am quite happy with, as it allows me to enjoy little nasty treats like this one. This rocks like fucking crazy and, at the same time, is so catchy it's disgusting. Highest recommendation. (Kenny Kaos)
Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

My first thought as I put this piece of wax on the stereo, ”This sure sounds like Mensen”, and as I looked closer on the back sleeve, it IS Mary Currie of Oslo’s Mensen on vocals and geetar! Less hardrock-ish, and more poppunk/powerpoppy, this is solid rockin’ stuff with memorable hooks. But I think I prefer Mensen because Mary’s Kids doesn’t really stand out that much compared to other female fronted Scandinaivan rockbands. The lyrics of ”Destroy” complains about the state of punkrock nowadays, but sounds a bit too forced I think. Still, a pretty decent 3 track release and a neat Ike & Tina Turner cover (”I’m Fed Up”).
If you dig: Mensen, The Donnas, Saharah Hotnights

(Good. Solid effort.)

Jens (Lowcut #40) (Spain)

De las cenizas de las MENSEN nace este proyecto de una de sus componentes, Mary Currie, que bajo en nombre de MARY'S KIDS presentan un single de debut con tres cortes de clásico punk-rock. Dos de los temas son propios "Destroy", un buen tema de presentación pegadizo y de fácil escucha que entra a la primera, y "Lost" mas rockero y acelerado que el anterior. Cierran el single con una versión de Ike & Tina Turner "I'm Fed Up", pasada por su particular filtro guitarrero. Enganchan!!
Para los que gusten de bandas rockeras con voces femeninas esta es una de las que debes apuntar en tu lista...

Edición limitada de 500 uds. con portadas de diferentes colores.
Ox Fanzine (Germany)

Bald nachdem die aus Oslo stammenden MENSEN 2002 ihr Album via Gearhead veröffentlicht hatten, war es vorbei mit der Band, woran angeblich auch das Label seinen Anteil hatte. Seitdem hatte ich von den Ex-Mitgliederinnen nichts gehört - und nun diese famose 7": MENSEN-Frontfrau Mary Currie hat mit MARY'S KIDS (ist der Altersunterschied zwischen ihr und ihren Mitspielern echt so groß?) eine neue Band am Start, und "Destroy" ist das erste Lebenszeichen. Drei Songs finden sich darauf, die jeden MENSEN-Fan sofort begeistern dürften: knackiger Seventies-Punkrock meets HELLACOPTERS, mit Marys unverkennbarem Gesang, hymnisch-poppig (speziell der Titelsong) und asskicking zugleich - ich bin begeistert. (8/10) (Joachim Hiller, Ox Fanzine #69)

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