Four Flamingos - Mad Evil Woman 7"

Long Gone Loser (AU)

One great record label, two sides of hot pink vinyl, three tracks, four flamingos all bandied together on this 7” slab. The A side was a great ass kickin’ punk tune that seemed it was over not long after it started. Quick and to the point. The flip had 2 tunes, the first, “No Rules”, was alright and whilst not the best thing you’ll hear all year, it wasn’t bad. The A side was still better though. The second and final track, “Since I Met You”, was a slower number and I quite digged it. I think it’s still too early to know what I think of the Four Flamingos at this point in time. I like it but am not sure of how much. Need to hear more first and then I can make an informed decision. So far, so good.

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

Three Hellacopters/Radio Birdman sounding tunes that infuse Detroit-style rock'n'roll with melodic choruses. Classic rock with some proto-punk influences, nothing sensational just a pretty darn solid release. 500 copies, 200 in white vinyl, 300 in...of vinyl. From Gothenburg, Sweden.

If you dig: Hellacopters, Radio Birdman

(Good, solid effort.)

Written by Jens
Saturday, 23 July 2008 20:40
Degeneration Overdrive (Canada)

Soulfully executed garage punk rock from Göterborg Sweden exactly the way it’s been coming out lately. The fact that this is just a side project and was recorded only after a few rehearsal tells me that the raw output exhibited here could easily be pushed into a fulltime band. Great little number here, and on juicy pink vinyl to boost too.
I-94 Bar (Australia)

Debut recording for a Swedish four-piece. The A side rocks along on the back of a guitar riff that's more jagged than the wreckage of a four-car-pile-up on a German autobahn. Lead vocalist Manne Olander has a fine set of lungs when working hard in the upper register and the twin-guitar outbursts are up to matching him.The short "No Rules" works similar hi-energy territory to devastating effect, dropping its payload and moving off before the smoke has a chance to clear. Instrumentally, it sounds a little like like early Hitmen. "Since I Met You" eases the pace back a couple of notches and shows a band with shade as well as white light heat in its armoury. Nice closer.

Close-Up Magazine (Sweden)

Four Flamingos från Göteborg visar med all tydlighet att det fortfarande finns hopp för svensk garagerock, trots att genren förefaller mättad och att band som Mando Diao kategoriskt skamfilar dess rykte. På denna explosion i rosa presenteras en trippel stökig men ändå solid garage-rock'n'roll som direkt för tankarna till de uppenbara amerikanska sextiotalsklassikerna, främst 13th Floor Elevators, men likväl sneglar mot ett punkigt brittiskt och australiensiskt sjuttiotal.
Det snudd på autentiska ljudet, skorrande transistorförstärkare och distortion, gör att sextiotalskänslan dominerar, men det uppkäftiga drivet i snabba "Mad evil woman" och "No rule" ekar Fun Things och Damned. Avslutningen med mellantempot i "Since I met you", känns inte lika angelägen. [6/10]

Calle Granehult

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