The Hippriests - Tight 'N' Exciting LP/CD

Sleaze Roxx (Canada)

Nottingham is outlaw country, any schoolboy will tell you that, and it is also home to The Hip Priests. More than a thousand years after the Robin Hood legend put Nottingham on the map The Hip Priests explode out of your speakers and rob you of your senses. The only difference is these guys have no intention of doing the 'give to the poor' malarkey -- instead The Hip Priests will steal your wallet whilst fucking your missus.
  If you like the idea of The Stooges on speed, early Damned on a meth-amphetamine binge, or the New York Dolls covering Motorhead in a cocaine frenzy, then you'll love the Priests. You may even want to have sex with them after listening to Tight 'N' Exciting as they have a song for just that occasion. This is 12 songs of incendiary, sex fuelled, drug-addled debauchery. From the lurid opener "Cream Ma Jeans", through the sexy as hell trio of "Teenage Friction", "Fuck The Priests" and "I Love To Fuck", to Tight 'N' Exciting's climactic "Ass On Fire" and "Young Savage", The Hip Priests are very clear as to their mission statement -- they like songs about sex.
  Frenetic guitar work reminiscent of Fast Eddie Clark from Fast Jimmy H.P. is matched by an incredibly tight rhythm section and topped off by chief screamer Gary X-Ray (who has since departed the band) -- making The Hip Priests the absolute epitome of what dirty, sleazy rock n roll should be. Lemmy once said that if Motorhead moved in next door your lawn would die. If The Hip Priests moved in next door they would steal your lawn (and anything else you happened to have lying around) and sell it to pay for hookers.
  The Hip Priests are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is obsessed with a faux bad boy image -- these guys are the real deal. If you like your rock 'n' roll with dirt under its fingernails, with yesterday's socks still lying on the carpet and with a mountain of cigarette butts about to cascade out of the beer can ashtray then Tight 'N' Exciting just might be the album you've looking for.

Reviewed by Hetfieldsmullet for Sleaze Roxx, January 2011

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

Garage punk a go-go, non stop kick-ass, booty shaking groovy, this is the shit, not kiddin' just freakin'. This is the greatest cliché garage-punk I've heard in a long time - and it's brilliantly fucking well done. Very nice indeed so to say...

The Hip Priests out of Nottingham, U.K. delivers what every garage band of today wants to deliver. No one under, no one above and no one to compete with this band. The music is the usual mix of high speed rock along songs, gritty fuzzed-up guitar work leaning towards James Williamson and Johnny Thunders and a forceful backbeat with punky bass and a snotty like hell singer delivering some debauchery and dirty lyrics. Simply just cool like ... well, just God damn cool!

If you dig: Zeke, Hellacopters, Thunders

(Masterpiece...or thereabouts...)

Written by Tomsen
Saturday, 31 May 2008 20:52
Pure Rawk (UK)

Think of Turbonegro in a head-on collision with the Dwarves while Lemmy and Iggy Pop sit watching the carnage over a crate of beer … and you’re on the right track. This is garage rock at its finest.
You’ll need to leave all your inhibitions at the door, with the wealth of family friendly track titles such as “Demon Hooker”, “Super Whore” and “I Love To Fuck”.
There’s something different about this lot which makes them even more likable - Gary X Ray isn’t singing with a phoney American accent. Something heard far too often with this kind of punky rock. It’s a good job too, the band is currently based in Lincoln and Nottingham.
The personal favourites on the album are easily the anthemic ‘Cream Ma Jeans’ and ‘Teenage Friction’. “Tight ‘N’ Exciting” isn’t just a title for the hell of it, they truly are. This is end to end frenetic guitars, rumbling bass lines and leaves you wanting to jive like a nutter. Filth. Pure, absolute, trashtastic filth. Love it!
The Wrench Magazine (UK)

Arguably, it could be said that The Hip Priests are simply 5 old, greasy blokes who set up a band, purely on the basis of getting their sticky fat fingers into young girls (and boys) pants. Clearly, it’s worked. Tight ‘n Exciting couldn’t be a better title….it’s all about working up a quick sweat, bit of spittle, in and out and then they’re off before you can even ask ‘how much do I owe you?’ It’s sheer filth….I fucking love it.
Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

These filth mongers from Nottingham sport ex-members of X-Rays and The Divine Brown, and as expected The Hip Priests excel in sleaze punk'n'roll with the sophisticated tactfulness of GG Allin and Lemmy. Horny as hell, these fuckers take no prisoners in their quest for kicks, and thankfully the songs can more than backup the wreckless attitudes. Imagine Turbonegro and Dwarves with equal amonts of Detroit r'n'r and Zodiac Mindwarp glam, then buttfuck it with some '77 punk, and you're sorta there. Massive! Half of the 12 tracks are from their debut EP "Numbers Of The Priests", and the rest are just as fierce, only the production of "Tight 'N' Exciting" is superior to the EP. Highly recommended.
If you dig: early Turbonegro, Dwarves, Stooges

( in really, really good.)

Jens (Lowcut #45)
I-94 Bar (Australia)

Ya gotta hand it to these guys, it shows some damn nerve to give yr album a title like that, but they live up to their own publicity. So much so, that the title might just about suffice for a review. Because, fact is, they are tighter than a skinny virgin’s pussy and have that rare quality of excitement.

It’s hard to pin down, but this kinda rock and roll excitement has a lot to do with a band being tight, tight enough that they can stick together while charging thru' at some hotarse breakneck pace, the drums and bass gtr locked in to each other, the guitar screaming and wailing away while the singer (singer?) hollers on with the tales you’d expect from song titles like ‘"Juiced Up ‘n’ Loose" and "Teenage friction". They aint re-writing the rulebook, by any stretch of the imagination, they just do it with a great sense of panache.

It aint irrelevant that they’re from Nottingham. Far enough away from England’s style centres of London and Manchester to develop their own thing, yet that thing is what we’d more often think of as American. Interesting, really, how much rock and roll, from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones onwards, is all about Poms aping Yanks and in the process, stumbling upon something that becomes their own thing and nudges the course of history onward.

Then again, the Hip Priests don’t nudge it all that far, they just rip into it, and aint it a wonderful thing? These Priests are also smart enough to hook into some great production. It’s a thick, raw, sound, the studio equivalent of a band playing in a small room (only it’d never sound this good if you were in the room) with a distorted treble edge on everything. Even the vocals are overdriven. If records were still made on analogue desks and magnetic tape, I’d figure that they just overdrove every little VU meter and EQ amp as far as they could. As it is, I guess Simon at Sirkus Studios is a cluey fellow who knows how to replicate that sound with a bunch of digital plugins, and more power to him, 'cos this record sounds fucking hot!

That Englishness shows through in their sense of humour, too. Copyright statement puts ‘tunes’ in inverted commas. You can just about hear the tongue in cheek, just enough so they don’t come across as humourless dicks, but not so far that they end up with that condescending sense of artiness. You can’t rock and roll like this without being into the music and that sense of freedom and release. You can tell that these guys – Gary X-Ray, Lee Love, Fast Jimmy HP (as in HP Sauce? – Keith Richards loves his HP) and Skintight Tim – abso-fucking-lutely love playing in this band, and why wouldn’t they?

The Hip Priests won’t necessarily change your world, but they will make your corner of it a much more happening place to be. Find yrself a tattooed babe like covergirl Lady Frankenstein, lay in some vodka, meth, hydro and a bag of toys from yr local adult supermarket, crank up ‘Tight n Exciting’ and do what comes most unnaturally!

Earl O'Neill
Classic Rock (UK)

Debut full length from a bunch of denim clad degenerates from Nottingham who love cheap sex more than Slayer loves Satan. This should be screamingly obvious once you hear remarkable suggestive ditties like Superwhore and Demon Hooker thrashed out in a greaseball fury of double speed balls-out garage rock. Most definitely not for pussies.

Bubblegum Slut magazine (UK)

The sorta punk rock 'n' roll that leaves you feeling dirty after listening. Riffs inspired by Nashville Pussy, Zeke and Turbonegro, lyrics by top shelf magazines. Easily offended, get outta here. Like loud Guitars, drinking heavily and the smell of stale hookers and gasoline in the morning? Welcome to the church of the Hip Priests. Worshipping at the altars of over sexed dirty denim wearers, Nottingham's Priests stoke a roaring blaze of howling geetars, raging testosterone and breakneck rhythms through teasers "Teenage Friction" and "Juiced up 'n' Loose" to the sweaty, hollerin' double climax of battle cry "Young Savage" and the awesomely title "Ass on fire". Get a load of this in yer lugholes and you aint gonna talk right for a week, not without letting rip a torrent of trailer park tourettes anyhow.

Up Magazine (Holland)

They make R&R like it ones was supposed to be - rolling bass, distorted guitars, combined with screaming vocals. People who like Turbonegro and Motörhead will also like this - turn on this record, open a bottle of beer and party! (USA)

The debut full length release from Nottingham UK sleaze merchants THE HIP PRIESTS is finally unleashed and has already gained a fair bit of press over here including a favourable piece in Classic Rock Magazine. And rightly so actually.

An energetic, fuzzed up slab of fast 'n' dirty rock 'n' roll it draws heavily from the likes of THE RAMONES and musically especially from MOTÖRHEAD whilst delivers twelve tracks that only occasionally stretch past three minutes duration and offer no apologies for subject matter inspiration drawn mainly from below the belt. Completely unsubtle in all ways tracks like "I Love To Fuck", "Super Whore" and "Cream Ma Jeans" are good indicators of the bands lyrical offerings although to be honest I found the main draw of the album to be some superb guitar work throughout, with the low-fi vocals occasionally off-putting.

Much radio play might be hard to come by thanks to our over-protective airwaves controllers but live these songs will entertain and although after a few listens a real stand out track has failed to materialise (I'd pick "Grease Machine" at the moment if pushed) it's all of a good standard with no obvious stinkers. Well worth half an hour of anyone's time!

Leslie (3,5/5)

The Cutting Edge (USA)

Riding straight out of a remote Nottingham garage are UK rebel wankers The Hip Priests. The foursome throw down their brand of high-octane, cranked-up-to-eleven, penetrating rock ‘n ‘roll with all the gusto of sweaty teenage copulation. Says their website, “The 'Priests, as their rabid UK disciples affectionately call them, are a gloriously tangled mess of rampantly sexual, souped up, lubed up, ‘f’ed up, high action, anthem-driven band that is ferocious on a ten scale.” We couldn’t agree more. Plug into “Cream Ma Jeans” for wailing guitars, a pounding bass and drums that rattle the rafters – all brought to you at a million miles an hour. The sound quality is dirty, screechy and recorded so loud that the distortion breaks windows but with instant classics like “Demon Hooker,” “Superwhore” and “Ass on Fire” what’s a little broken glass lying around. Gary X Ray has a throat that screams more than sings keeping it all the more punk as Fast Jimmy HP peels off Stooges riffs and beats you to death with ‘em.

Smash and grab partners Lee Love on bass and Skintight Tim on drums don’t much care about anything except being heard. They bang, smash and destroy their way through “Teenage Friction” and “Young Savage” while still learning the difference between 4/4 time and a 16-count signature. Their attitude is who cares? As long as they’re pounding away at full volume - it’s all good. Like all good trash-punk rock the songs stick after the first run and you’ll find yourself singing them at the most inopportune moments. That can be a problem when “I Love to F*ck” and “Juiced Up ‘N’ Loose” uncontrollably slips out. Back to another website quote: “’Tight ‘N’ Exciting’ is a sweet 'n sweaty sonic tonic to accompany your recreational drinkin’, druggin’ and shaggin'. Prepare to get down, get dirty and hail the breakneck boogie Babylon babies…the spleen exploding sermonizers of the sacred sonic psalms, the crazed messiahs of deep-fried bone rattling rock 'n' roll! The righteous king rockers of in your face shock Bukkake...drum roll please....The Hip Priests.

Sugarbuzz (USA)

In case you haven’t noticed, not all rock and roll sounds alike. The Hip Priests, have got it right. Joyously managing to offend the mainstreamers put it to the test of weeding out the real rockers with their raw attitude, dirty-garage tunes, and punka-style all with the tongue-n-cheek…uncensored.

Delivering up the three passions, these marauders sing only of what most cannot—drinkin’, fuckin’ and rockin’. Crammed with debaucherized fury, skin-tight adolescents may be reported missing as parents issue an Amber Alert after listening to this heavy-petted 12-song CD entitled, ‘Tight ‘N Exciting.’

Keeping with their previous theme from their last CD, ‘Numbers Of The Priests,’ these ex-members of The Divine Brown and The X-Rays station their songs with graduating claims from Turbonegro, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and The Ramones. However, don’t let these Brits fool you. These guys are nothing proper. Perfectly oversexed, automated hot hooks are nestled in explicably infectious choruses tailored for hip-shakin’ and knicker-removing. ‘Demon Hooker,’ opens up with metal rhythms implanted between the legs of morphined guitar riffs by Jimmy as Gary’s nasal-tight ‘Alice Cooper vocals’ remain highly melodic--going down to a hard stop.

“Grease Machine,’ chugs in with the registering lyrical passion for driving on the ol’ Harley. On queue, inserted high vocal back-ups keep with accordance to their whore-singing reputation. ‘F.T.P.,’ could very well be my favorite song. Starting with mid-tempo bass and drum, the tune is effectively slowed down just long enough to gain lyrical clarity in chorus unison with, “Everybody wants to fuck the priests.” So all hail recovering Catholics everywhere! There is also, ‘Hanging With The Boys,’ which rolls in on a slick, bass line--just loud enough for Gary’s charismatic nasal-verses to certify the metal riffs to encourage chap-ass-grabbing of your neighboring girlfriend’s ass.

Let me not forget two catchy and honorable mentions—‘Ass On Fire,’ and ‘Superwhore.’ ‘Ass On Fire’ has a great steady-throbbed rhythm and, ‘Superwhore,’ adds an extra measure of venom, to only spit out auctioning punk-n-roll riffs.

These dirty boys have successfully inserted an additional chapter of deliberate haughty lyrics with total personal freedom. This is a band I would love to experience live—because fun can never be wrong.

Jillian Abbene

AMP Magazine (USA)

Wow! This smacks you in the face as soon as it erupts out of the speakers! The album title is right on the money. Red hot blistering and wild! This fucking ROCKS! Moves along at a sweat inducing pace and just keeps burning up the stereo! This band HAS to be fantastic live! Super strong melodies, fuzzed out Real Rocking Roll guitar blasts, a powerful and fat backbeat, throbbing bass, and more all crammed into this hot rod. Makes you feel like smashing stuff just for the hell of it! Man, if this band from Lincoln/Nottingham, UK doesn't wake you up, you are dead my friend (and you wouldn't be my friend, I'm sure)! The UK, though you wouldn't know if from there totally shit music press that squelches anything new, is blooming with tons of new HOT ROCK & ROLL bands, and The Hip Priests are one of their best!

- Sal

Sleazegrinder (USA)

The Hip Priests take the six amped-up garage rock songs from their 2006 EP, Number of the Priests, add six more of the same slick shit, and offer us their first full length, Tight ‘N’ Exciting. And not a more appropriate name they could’ve picked, because this album is exactly like your teenage sister’s pussy, man. The Hip Priests have one track minds and are not about to make any apologies for it (note songs like “Cream Ma Jeans,” “Demon Hooker,” “Teeange Friction,” and “Superwhore”) – they’re here to rock and fuck, and not necessarily in that order, in two and a half minute spurts, leaving you dizzy and slightly confused, but extremely satisfied. I’m pretty sure this is what Iggy had in mind when he defined rock n’ roll, and what Zodiac Mindwarp had in mind when he defined sex with your teenage sister.


Mindview (Belgium)

Songtitels als “Demon Hooker”, “I Love To Fuck” en “Ass On Fire” geven onmiddellijk weg dat deze Engelse garagerockers niet de bedoeling hebben met hun muziek de wereld te verbeteren. De snelle rock is doordrenkt van seks en drugs en klinkt zoals The Hellacopters in de oefenruimte of Turbonegro met beperkt budget. De vett(ig)e riffs vliegen je om de oren. Subtiliteit? Nooit van gehoord. Politiek correct? Mooi niet. Sexcellent? Zeker weten! (KM) ZILVER (5/7)
Peter Rotthier
Rocka Rolla (Argentina)

Directamente desde Inglaterra llega este disco debut de The Hip Priests, un cuarteto decididamente enrolado en el mas rapido, aspero, crudo y garagero rock ‘n’ roll. A juzgar por los titulos de las canciones, estos muchachos no se andan con vueltas, y orientan su tematica lirica al sexo facil, el alcohol y la joda. A veces parece repetitivo, pero las influencias que aparecen son mas o menos las mismas, aquellas que van desde The Stooges hasta Motörhead, pasando por The Hellacopters y Turbonegro. Provocativo, ruidoso, primitivo, “Tight ‘n’ exciting” te patea la cara sin piedad, mostrando lo que es actitud punk con guitarras rockeras, creando con tres acordes basicos doce latigazos de furia. Se necesita decir algo mas? Si esta banda no hace sacudir la cabeza como un desquiciado, entonces no estas vivo.

iPunkRock (Spain)

Deslenguados como estos no hay muchos, practican un rock'n'roll calentorro, dirty-high-energy. Desde la portada del disco pasando por los títulos de las canciones y las letras de las mismas, The HIGH PRIESTS predican la palabrería provocadora, sucia y sexualmente explicita. Beben de la misma fuente que los Turbonegro o los Backyard Babies, quieren mostrarse como los colegas de los New York Dolls y emborracharse rodeados de tías en pelotas. Estos ingleses no se andan con rodeos y nos presentan doce pepinazos en poco más de media hora que a más de uno harán que se le mojen los pantalones.

Ox-Fanzine (Germany)

Eine halbnackte, tätowierte und gefesselte Olle auf dem Cover und "I love to fuck" oder "Superwhore" als Titel. Ich hab so langsam die Schnauze voll und war auf das Schlimmste gefasst, aber: mit angenehmer Garagenschlagseite huldigen THE HIP PRIESTS (aus dem UK, also bitte nicht mit der Berliner Kapelle verwechseln) auf ihrem Debüt den frühen DWARVES, ZEKE (ohne deren halsbrecherisches Tempo), TURBONEGRO und meinetwegen auch einem Hauch MOTÖRHEAD. Und hey, es gibt weitaus schlechtere Referenzen. Deren Klasse wird (noch) nicht erreicht, auch wenn sich hier und da erste kleine Hits einschleichen. Are you ready, Zielgruppe? Go, go, go.

Tom Küppers, Ox-Fanzine #75 (6/10) (Nor)

De kaller seg 'Sønner av Iggy', men debutalbumet fra disse engelske karene har blitt veldig voksent.

Ifølge bandet selv kunne de vært sønner av Iggy, Johnny Thunders, Hank von Helvete, Lemmy og Handsome Dick (fra The Dictators). Med andre ord er forventningene svært høye til Tight 'N' Exciting!

The Hip Priests fra Nottingham startet i 2006, og har sin opprinnelse fra X-Rays og The Divine Brown (for meg helt ukjente band). Tight 'N' Exciting er deres debutalbum, med totalt 12 låter fordelt på 32 minutter.

Allerede ved å se på coveret, der en svært så lettkledd dame viser sine bryster, er det klart hva dette dreier seg om: Her oser det av sex, og med låttitler som Demon Hooker, I Love to Fuck, Super Whore og Ass on Fire, så er det ingen tvil om hva man setter i fokus. Du får kanskje ingen stor lyrisk opplevelse ved å lytte til tekstfraser som fra FTP (Fuck the Priests): "Your girls leavin'/You're gonna weep/Everybody wants to fuck the Priests". Men selvsikkerheten er det i hvert fall ingen ting i veien med!

Det gis full gass fra første spor; Cream Ma Jeans, og jeg får lyst til å kaste meg ut av sofaen og spille med. Klisjeene brukes til det fulle, men her ment i svært positiv forstand. Neste låt Demon Hooker holder samme tempo, og standarden er dermed satt med fengende låter og et enormt driv der vokalist Gary X-Ray lett får med seg sine to gitarister, bassist Lee Love og Skintight Tim på trommer gjennom et tett lydbilde.

Det er ingen tvil om at man har hørt dette før, både hos Iggy og ikke minst Turbonegers tidligere skiver. Men det er noe med at når man blir "revet med", det låter tøft og man er i godt humør, så er dette bare herlig. Drivende gitarsoloer, kor-/allsangsrefrenger og en trommeslager som elsker å herje løst på cymbalene får meg til å sette pris på det jeg hører.

Variasjon eksisterer knapt, og stort sett samme høye fart holdes veien. For å sette fingeren på noe er det å anbefale en viss variasjon på melodiene. Men for all del, tanken her er å ha det moro. Om ikke dette har blitt en klassiker, så er dette en perfekt vorspiel-plate, der man kan ta seg noe godt kaldt å konsumere, spille luftgitar og danse.

Utgivelsen er et samarbeid mellom svenske Bootleg Booze og engelske Sonic Dirt. Albumet slippes i totalt 1500 eksemplarer (500 LP/1000 CD). Liker du denne type musikk anbefales derfor å logge seg inn på

Frank Skoveng (5/7)

Denimzine (Swe)

Punkrock från u-landet med massor av te och dålig tandhygien, England. Bandet består av folk från det legendariska Nottingham-garagerockbandet X-Rays och Londonpunksen i Divine Brown. För fans av punkrock á la 1997. Retro actionrock kanske? De hymlar inte om vad de har för intressen, vilket alltid är befriande: Sex, brudar och bärs.

Elin Nilsson, Denimzine #15 (6/10)

Close-Up Magazine (Swe)

Fyra snubbar med förflutet i underskattade X-Rays börjar om på ny kula och skapar skrevrock i dess allra ädlast form. Stökigt, smutsigt och med titlar som "Ass on fire" och "Cream ma jeans". Musik gjord av fula engelsmän som gillar öl, porr och rock'n'roll och lever i en värld där Turbonegro upplöstes efter "Ass cobra".

Calle Granehult, Close-Up #97 (6/10)

Patrick Foulhoux (France)

Finesse, tendresse, intelligence, accords plaqués, rythmes binaires, cordes de mi usées et petite tape amicale sur le cul!
Premier album pour des Britanniques beaux comme des Dieux du rock'n'roll et largement aussi givrés. Du punk filtré au rock qui ne prétend rien si ce n'est distribuer des grosses mandales dans la gueule. Des Heartbreakers aux New Bomb Turks, ces drôles de parroissiens pratiquent consciencieusement leurs douze passes ; le client ressort soulagé et comblé. Ce disque sent le rock'n'roll plein nez!

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