Bloodgroop – Revolution Blues (CDM)


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Mick Blood is best known as the iconic frontman/ singer/songwriter for the LIME SPIDERS After dominating the Australian independent charts in the mid eighties (no.1 independent song of the year for three years in succession including the monstrous “Slave Girl”) Mick further developed his awesome reputation over the course of three studio albums with Virgin Records. According to Juice magazine in Nov ’04, “Mick Blood has a knack verging on genius for penning three minute garage gems”

Mick’s songs have appeared on several film soundtracks (including “Young Einstein” and “Hiding Out”) and been covered by artists from You Am I to D4 and The Goo Goo Dolls . Suffice to say Mick Blood has had a vital impact on the history of antipodean rock and roll and he is now proud to introduce his new band Bloodgroop.

This potent possie intitially came together for a spontaneous project whereby the songs were written, recorded and mixed in three consecutive days. The hauntingly intense Revolution Blues and the sinister swagger of Never Comin’ Back were spawned from this session, inspiring Bloodgroop to repeat the process months later where the magic was captured again with the other three songs presented on this stunning debut release, showcasing a wide range of musical styles.

Mick Blood has finally decided that two guitars just isn’t enough and the explosion of sound on this recording is courtesy of Julian Poulsen (Moler, Stiff Kittens, Green Mist), Andrew Kentler (Glide, Gamma Rays) and Ollie Laurie (Exotics, Hoss). Completing this superb line up is the awesome rythmn section of Pete Leeming on bass & the hired gun of Michael “Kaos” Glenn on drums.

5 tracks released by Off The Hip Records (2008)