Demons – Ace In The Hole (CD)


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Excellent new album from this classic band from Stockholm. Scandinavian rock! 12 tracks. Released by Alaska Production (2008).




Reviews Ace In The Hole (released by Alaska Productions in September 2008):

8/10 Ox-Fanzine, Germany
7/10, Austria
4/6, Germany
7/10, Germany
7/10, Germany
7/10, Germany
7/10, Germany
72/100, Germany

“The band does two-minute rockers which contain all neccesities, from pounding guitars which wrestle with crazy saxophones, to smoke rings and hoochie coo as in “Cold Chills”. The result is charming and effective, and of course shall a song about unhappy love be called “(Her Name Was) Tragedy. “Demons”, who warm up the stage floor for The Hellacopters this fall, is worth an extra listen.”


“Why critisize a winning concept?”

If we believe in justice far more people will discover this pleasure. And not just because euforic reviews have circulated on the internet long before the official release of “Ace In The Hole” but because they deserve this!

“The aggressive vocals deliver the lyrics with an undisputed talent and invites the audience to participate in a black mass which you feel is on the verge of collective hysteria! “

“You get the feeling that there is more coming, like the end is far from near. The future rocks.”

“Demons should have a chance to claim the throne when Nicke, Strings and company throw in the towel for good.”