Demons – Her Name Was Tragedy (CDM)


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4 track CD-maxi. Released on Alaska Productions.

Tracklist: (Her Name Was) Tragedy, Way Of The Dice, Situations, Police On My Back.



(Her Name Was) Tragedy EP reviews (originally released by Alaska Productions/Swedish Punks, November 2006).

9 out of 10 Ox-Fanzine, Germany
7 out of 10 in Denimzine, Sweden
7 out of 10 in Rumore, Italy

”Demons” are reduced to a trio and that definately has done a lot of good to the band. This EP is to tickle the fans in preparation for their upcoming new album. If this band continues on this path the Hives will have a really hard time. I can hear “Demons” summon “move over”, and justly.”


”Purveyors of the MC 5/Stooges attack, the greasy hot rod kings prove that they still got plenty of combustion in their engine as the guitar grinds out a gruff riff in the opening track (Her Name Was) Tragedy. Catchy and full of muscle, the song plays out like a silver screen movie. Act one is a tasty lick to whet the appetite; act two brings in the drums and bass with a tuneful chorus. Act three is the debutante of danger herself, Tragedy, swinging to a punk-infused pop classic. Four songs are just enough to convince us that greatness is on its way.”


“Tragedy gets matters off to a rousing start, framing its rock n’n roll Jezebel lyric with a fist punching chorus and enough guitar hooks to sink a Russian whaling boat; if the grey flannel gremlins weren’t running American radio, this song might make an impression here..”


“This ´un is a four song EP of crushed velvet and lingering cigarette smoke from three hep cats with pinkie rings, slick hair, and spit shined creepers. And if they are, in fact, demons, they are the swankiest demons this side of lounge punk, Jack. So grab yer dice, blow on ´em, and kiss your best girl before she runs off with the band. It´s all class and ass up this joint, and the joint is jumpin´”


“This new four-songer is a taster for an album called “Ace In The Hole”, due this spring. The title track bears a resemblence in mind to Roky Ericson’s ’80’s work with a chug of Social D. Way Of The Dice and Situations exhibit their trademark, muscle car, power pop sound, and both are catchy as fuck!”