Digger & The Pussycats – Watch Yr Back (CD)


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File under OBLIVIANS, BLUES EXPL., CRAMPS, MAKE-UP or GUN CLUB. 10 tracks. This CD version is released by Alleycat Records 2006.

This new Digger and the Pussycats album Watch Yr Back has many and varied qualities that make it one of the stand out releases of 2005.
Damn, this guy is one hell of a good singer and knows how to scratch his guitar!!!
He is the new jung GREG SAGE from Down Under!!! While the brilliant drummer keeps these epic tunes together.
The music is raw, but often their sheer enthusiasm makes it seem larger than the one guitar, two drums and a cymbal they are equipped with.
Their pure, unrefined energy takes their sound, rolls it around in its mouth for a while and then spits it into your face. And you love it!!!