Manganzoides – Radio Komodo (CD)


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The long awaited return of these Peruvian cavemen for the delight of all lovers of truly primitive (Latin) Garage-Punk. Manganzoides are back with this 2nd full length that’s even more scandalous and outrageous than their debut album. This release is filled with previously unreleased tracks, all recorded between 2002 and 2003, in addition to tracks that had been released as part of an obscure tape the band put out in 1998, which had never before been put out on CD format. Here you can find a high dosis of fuzz, wicked keyboard sounds and lyrics not recommended for puritans. In a nutshell, here we bring you more of what Manganzoides knows how to do best. Los Saicos of the 21 century? Straigh outta Lima, Peru. Released by No Fun Records.