Reckless Hearts – Get Up And Run (CD)

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The Reckless Hearts are a four piece Powerpop group hailing from the
city of Milwaukee, USA. The band is new but largely built from components of the Danger and the Jet Set. Both are groups which managed to log touring time, full length records, and upporting slots for major touring acts such as the Black Angels, the Kills, the Soviettes, and the Makers among others.

With all of the time they have spent in the rough and tumble world of
independent rock and roll, you’d expect the Reckless Hearts material
to be moving towards the jaded or self absorbed territory, but in this
rare case it is just the opposite. The material from the upcoming full
length record is intentionally designed for fun. Instead of building
an identity on the tired clichés of the “weary and cynical musician”,
the Reckless Hearts aspire to embody those feelings which all real
rock bands celebrate, like mischief, youthful love, and the time
honored tradition of chasing a thrill.

The boys in the Reckless Hearts would like you to believe that they
combine the uptight sound of early British Mod music like the Who, the
hook driven power of the Buzzcocks, and the psychedelic vocal sound of
the Byrds without becoming a cartoonish homage, but that is of course
up for debate. What is for certain is that regardless of the musical
touch points, the aim and central focus of the group is sincere and
unrepentant fun. So while there may be fewer egotistical fireworks
than some groups, the Reckless Hearts keep their priorities straight
by making the song itself the star of the show.

13 tracks, released on Off The Hip Records in 2009.