Sweet Addiction – Class And Dignity (CD)

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Rock n roll quartet Sweet Addiction was formed in 1997. The bands music was created out of their early musical influences, such as KISS, Bad Religion and Mötley Crüe. Soon they were about to discover the new wave of Scandinavian rockmusic that swept over Sweden with albums like Turbonegro’s “Apocalypse Dudes”, Gluecifer’s “Soaring With Eagles…” and Hellacopter’s “Supershitty To The Max”.

1: Sound Of The Revolution
2: Lord Of Lies
3: D.I.Y. Girls
4: Give Me Some Death
5: Spiritual Negro
6: Lick Your Poison
7: Miss Demeanor
8: The Boys Are Back
9: The Sick Kids Have Grown Up
10: Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die
11: Going Out In Style

Released by Alleycat Records.