Execütors- All Against All (LP)


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Bubbling up from the toxic smokestacks of New Jersey comes the east coasts newest shit-makers!

EXECÜTORS sound like a scummy hammer and sickle thug-punk band coming straight outta the UK in the early 80’s.

Think punchy hard-edged, pub rock Punk in the vein of Cock Sparrer, Blitz, Anti Nowhere League and GBH, but they go a little further than that. For one they speed things up a little more than their predecessors making the songs come off a little more brut and in your face. They also throw in some burly, riffy as fuck guitar solos that really bring these rough n tough, boot-stompin anthems to life. At times you can hear echoes of The mighty Templars amped up and boozed out with signature solos blazing. And everything is held together by a snide, snotty as fuck screamer with tempers flaring and a spite-filled axe to grind.

Fourteen rough neck, brick wall smashers in all and nary a dud in the bunch. Impressive debut.

Released by Dead Beat Records.