Primordials – Fourteen Prime Numbers (LP)


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Primal sounds abound as Screaming Apple introduces the first-ever LP of THE PRIMORDIALS, a tight-trousered foursome from the caverns of Canada. ‘Fourteen Prime Numbers’ beats on the freak with an extra-large baker’s dozen of British, Continental, Colonial and Antipodal big-beat shouters, tearing a new one out of songs by the RATTLES, the SORROWS, the ATTRACTIONS, Tony Barber, the ECCENTRICS, and even the KRAVIN’ A’s. Recording in glorious Living Mono, Ryan, Dave, Shawn and Robbie pound out a tribute to some of the finest unsung heroes of the mid-sixties, giving you an excuse to dust off your winklepickers and give your mojo a workout!

This wax platter comes packed with crunchy guitars, seventh chords in the wrong place, two-fingered solos, and helium huffin’ harmonies guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning Beatkeller-dweller. Swingin’ 60’s mod-beat hasn’t sounded this soulful since those glory days of bands like the ACTION, the ARTWOODS or the V.I.P.’s. Start your next wild dance craze NOW with fourteen instant floorfillers by the fabulous PRIMORDIALS. You read it, now GET it!

Released on Screaming Apple Records.