Skurkarna – A Crimewave Escapade (LP)


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Imagine Link Wray robbing a bank while hallucinating on mescaline. That is probably the closest you will ever come to describe “A Crimewave Escapade”; a collection of twelve twangy, distorted tales about what is really happening in the dark and shady streets of Gothenburg City. The perfect album to listen to when driving late at night, with someone screaming in the back of your trunk.


Side A:
1. The Stick-Up
2. The Reckless Villain
3. Bugsy Siegel’s Crime Pillar
4. High-Risk Hideout
5. Clark Syndrome
6. The Usual Suspect

Side B:
1. Cat Burglar
2. Getaway Car
3. Blow The Safe
4. Prison Break
5. Dishonorable Profession
6. The Spy & The Private Eye