Now you don’t have to sit at home chewing your fingernails ’til it bleeds over if you’re gonna get your hands on the next ultra cool Bootleg Booze release or not. No, that time is way gone. We welcome YOU to join the vinylclub and become an Honorary Bootleg Boozer.

Every 7″ that is released on Bootleg Booze Records comes in a special limited edition only available to members of the vinylclub – hence these are not available unless you’re a member.

As a member you order a membership and chose what 7″ you wish to start with and then also get the following four (4) releases following the catalog number you chose delivered to your door.

You do not have to start with the latest release but can also start with an older 7″ and will then probably get several 7″s sent to you in the first delivery, depending on availability. If you start with the latest release you are however guaranteed the special club-edition of the record you chose and the following four releases.

Each membership covers 5 7″ and then you have to renew it to get another 5 7″s – so if you start with an older release you might get all 5 in the first delivery and are after this not going to get any more until you renew your membership.

All membership singles are shipped with the swedish post through regular AIRMAIL as that is included in the price.

NOTE: The membership is always valid from the catalog number you choose to start with. Some singles can be delayed and hence a single with a lower number can be released after one with a higher numbers, so make sure you choose the right one to start your membership with.