Boogie Hammer


Vinyl 7"


Boogie Hammer from Vienna delivers four tracks of the most catchy and uptempo punk rock ’n’ roll known to mankind. Your favorite band you never knew you needed.

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Pressing information

Date 20230127
Pressing plant My45
Status Available

Total 500 copies

  • Regular version: black vinyl, 275 copies with standard sleeve.
  • Mailorder version: orange opaque vinyl, 150 copies with standard sleeve. (Only available through our mailorder). The first 20 copies comes with a handwritten lyric sheet by D. “Süpürgesi” Vacuum (only one lyric sheet for each customer/order if you buy more then one copy).
  • Boozers Club Edition: sand-colored vinyl, 75 copies with standard sleeve. (Only available through our vinylclub)
  • Testpress: 10 copies with regular sleeve. Hand-numbered on the label.


Side A:
1 A Little Bit Better
2 Come On (Beriloche Baby)
Side B:
1 Karanlik Yollar
2 Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Still King

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