The Boozers Club

After many years running the Boozers Club we have now decided it’s time to retire the old way we have done this so far. It became clear during the past years that it’s not fair to anyone to run a vinyl club when it takes ages between the releases. 

We have not decided if we will continue with the club in another way but we’ll see what will happen if it will be in another shape and form.

Frequently asked questions

I want to renew or buy a new membership, where can I do that? 

We have removed the way of renewing your membership or create a new one.

I’m a member and what will happen to the rest of my membership

For the current members we will of course honor the deal and they will get the remaining copies in their membership. There is some pretty cool stuff coming.

Will my membership discount disappear with all these changes?

The discount will remain as before until the last membership has ended.


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