Rock 'n' Roll Power

Vinyl 7"


“This is what your could call a joint venture. Thomas Gahn, aka Tom Powder, frontman of the Black Knights, joined forces with Stefan Jägermyr and Rolf Anderson, both from the already legendary band Snakebite. What came out is a trio named Crossfire invading Europe with their Rock ‘n’ Roll Power… …the music’s great of course. All four tracks were written by Thomas, and we already know he can deliver.”

/BlackCat Rockabilly

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Pressing information

Date 20030329
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

1000 copies

  • 1000 black vinyl
  • 50 copies with hand-numbered “obi”

Recorded at Studiofrämjandet Göteborg 25/1-26/1. Engineered by Mats Brage.
Coverart by Andreas Larsson & Pär Eskilsson, label by Andreas Larsson.


Side A:
01 Rock ´n´ Roll Power
02 Forty-Rod Whiskey
Side B:
01 Ed´s Gettin´ Married
02 Wild Little Kitten

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