Imperial State Electric

Reptile Brain

Vinyl 7"


Imperial State Electric is entering phase 3 in it’s ongoing battle against mediocrity. An endless quest to make the rock roll. Armed with a new album called “Reptile Brain Music”, due for release in late November, the first attack is set to October 18th with the 7″ vinyl single “Reptile Brain”.

After assembling the Imperial Army in 2010, Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, The Solution, Entombed etc.) has placed great emphasis on Imperial State Electric being a group, a band or a gang if you will. By no means a one man operation. Removing any doubt is the fact that bassplayer Dolf de Borst (The Datsuns) is handling the lead vocal duties on “Reptile Brain”. When asked if Dolf is the best singer in the band, guitarist Tobias Egge says “He is a great man, and everybody loves him. He’s an artiste.”

“Reptile Brain” is backed with “Reptile Sludge” which is basically a sludgier take on the A-side with Nicke singing lead. Exclusively available on this single.

Why “Reptile Brain Music”? Dolf: – We want people to bypass some of their pseudo intellectual abilities when it comes to music and art.

Turn on your Reptile Brain and get with it!

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Pressing information

Date 20131018
Pressing plant Kankana Records at GZ Digtal Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

1000 copies,

  • 875 copies on orange vinyl.
  • 125 copies on orange vinyl with a limited edition cover and sticker for members of the Boozersclub.
  • 10 testpressings.
Date 20140131
Pressing plant Kankana Records at GZ Digtal Media, Czech Republic
Status Available

650 copies

  • 480 copies in orange vinyl (the orange vinyl is like the first pressing, with the exception of a sticker in the corner on the sleeve that says it’s the second pressing.)
  • 20 copies on orange vinyl comes in a imitation leather bag with laser engraved ISE logo + stickers.
  • 150 in black vinyl


Side A:
01 Reptile Brain
Side B:
02 Reptile Sludge

Miscellaneous stuff

Co-release with Psychout Records.


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