Urrke T & The Midlife Crisis

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country...

Vinyl 7"


Urrke T (Maryslim), Dregen (Backyard Babies), Måns M (Maggots) and Robban E (Hellacopters) – the cream of the Swedish punk rock scene – has come together and recorded this spectacular 7″. On this they’re dusting off three good old punk tunes – creating a future classic! Get it while it’s hot people!

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Pressing information

Date 20041215
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

2000 copies

  • 1800 white vinyl with red splatter.
  • 200 Boozersclub editions on 50/50 red/white vinyl.
  • 10 testpressings.

Recorded, mastered and mixed by Mickey RIP & Ture Kakmix at Acetone Studios, Stockholm, Oct 21-22 2004.

Cover design by Drunken Pirate.


Side A:
01 Sick of You (Originally by The Users)
Side B:
01 Center of Lies (Originally by Warheads)
02 The American in Me (Originally by The Avengers)

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