Backyard Babies – Fuck Off And Die 7″

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Degeneration Overdrive


Date: 20081003

This is the single off BYB new album featuring 2 of its best songs. Finally a single that gives the B-side as much bang for it’s buck. Funny how these 2 songs feature prominently Dregen’s vocals on it. I’d interested to find out why this album was done so, what really excited me about this release though was that as a third bonus song you got a reworked version of Saved By The Bell featuring none other then Mister Dizzy Reed of GNR fame on piano! Well after listening to it I have to admit to being quite disappointed. Not to knock the original version but this feels like not much work was put into it. The vocals and piano don’t meet up together as if the mixing wasn’t done. I also think Dizzy could of done a better job at complimenting the song, just feels like there wasn’t much space left for the lyrics. All n all a great release and a good pick up if you wanna sample the new album or a serious BYB fan!
Written by: Flo

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