Backyard Babies – Fuck Off And Die 7″

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Long Gone Loser


Date: 20081003

That last self-titled album from the Backyard Babies was a fuckin’ killer! I loved it. And this here, the first 7” single from the album is a taster of what that album was all about; the Backyard Babies returning to their punk rock n roll roots and delivering the goods. Great songs, great anthemic chorus’, an awesome mix of tattoos, angst and Social Distortion meets the Ramones. “Fuck Off & Die” is simply awesome! The flip has another track from the album called “Zoe Is A Weirdo” which is a classic ballsy number followed by the slower re-working of “Saved By The Bell”, played differently here in a stripped down piano version starring GNR’s Dizzy Reed. Well fancy that, eh? The Backyard Babies are one of my favourite bands and if you’re a fan, you own this already. If not, you should. Yep, rock!
Written by: Damo

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