Black Radio / The Ruling Class – Split 7″

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Long Gone Loser


A split 7” featuring 2 ass-kicking motor punk rock n roll bands. The UK’s Black Radio (who I think are fuckin’ tops) deliver 2 speed punk thrashers in the vein of Zeke, Speedealer, Peter Pan Speedrock, etc. and their songs just shred like a motherfucker. I am all about this band. Guts, power, brutality, rock n roll! This is the shit, baby! The Ruling Class are from Sweden and I hadn’t heard their tunes before I heard this 7” and my verdict? Similar style, powerful thrash punk rock n roll like Motorhead meets The Peepshows and Puffball. You dig the sound, I do too. I really need to hear more from these guys. Great stuff! This is a must have record for anyone who digs the genre known as ‘Motorpunk’. Lovin’ it!
Written by: Damo

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