Crossfire – Rock ‘n’ Roll Power 7″

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BlackCat Rockabilly

The Netherlands

Date: 20030101

This is what your could call a joint venture. Thomas Gahn, aka Tom Powder, frontman of the Black Knights, joined forces with Stefan Jägermyr and Rolf Anderson, both from the already legendary band Snakebite. What came out is a trio named Crossfire invading Europe with their Rock ‘n’ Roll Power.

I’m not sure if this collaboration is a short time project, or if the guys want to go touring with Crossfire, but in any case they came out with a heck of a Teddy Boy EP which goes directly into my jukebox. Well, almost directly, I’ll have to saw a bigger hole in it first. Don’t you have jukeboxes guys? Make bigger holes! Just kidding, the music’s great of course. All four tracks were written by Thomas, and we already know he can deliver.

Starting off with the title song “Rock ‘n’ Roll Power”, the Teddy Boy trio thunders into my living room loud and angry. Just a tip Tom, it’s “Crazy” with a Zzzzz, not “Craisy”. Well, actually I gotten to like Tom’s Swedish accent…

“Forty-Rod Whiskey” keeps on stomping with that steady rock ‘n’ roll beat and, what do we have here, “Ed’s Getting Married”. So, the old Ted finally got hooked up huh? If you don’t know who Neighbour Ed is, check out “Worn Out Beetle Crushers” by The Black Knights guys. Last song on this 45rpm vinyl EP is “Wild Little Kitten”, Teddy Boy rock, Terrible Tom style. Are we gonna get a full CD of this outfit? Let’s hope so…

Crossfire is:
“Terrible” Tom Powder – Vocals, Guitar
Stefan “Riot” Jägermyr – Guitar
Rolf “Sleepy” Anderson – Drums
Written by: The BlackCat

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