Dee Rangers – Upside Down 7″

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Date: 20090313

In spite of being down to a four peace once again, or what the A-side suggests, the sound of “blue Swedes” doesn’t get turned upside down by no means! After Parsley The Lion leaving the keyboard stool empty, Nicke proved to be capable enough to jump between guitar and Farfisa, providing the same kind of a sonic garage blast as heard on the previous two albums, backed by a fuzzed-out cover of an obscure piece of ’60s Dutchbeat by 4PK’s. What’s more, along with the likes of his native soulmate Mathias Lilja (formerly of The Strollers and now of The Maharajas) or Edgar Jones (formerly of The Stairs and now of Free Peace), Per Nyström happens to be the owner of one of the genuine garage punk howls, pinning down his band’s name on the contemporary ’60s revival map.
Written by: Goran Obradovic

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