Electric Frankenstein / Ironboss – Split 7″

Review in

Daredevil Magazine


Date: 20040101

Yeah…they´re back and they f**ing rock. The last release I heard of Ironboss was their Live album on Underdogma and I was totally blasted by their music and now they´re back with a really mindblowin´ song called “Unconventional Love” and this is a straight Rocker…believe me…I would buy this 7″ just because of this song, but this piece of vinyl has more for your ears, cause the two songs of Electric Frankenstein are rockin´ as good as the one song of Ironboss…with “Tear It Down” and “Wild In The Streets”…Electric Frankenstein celebrated their come back on my record player, cause the last release I heard of them was on Man´s Ruin and that´s long…long ago…and by the way EF rocks like never before and I had them more punky in my mind, but these are ROCK Hymns…who cares…I highly recommend this 7”!!!

Rating: (7/7)

(January 2004)
Written by: RB

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