Electric Frankenstein / Ironboss – Split 7″

Review in

Low Cut Magazine


Date: 20041101

“Unconventional Love” takes off like a runaway train injected by The Adverts and Radio Birdman, not that original but what the fuck, Ironboss rocks! Electric Frankenstein, the world’s most productive rockcombo since Billy Childish, kicks off the flipside with “Tear It Down”, a straight forward rocker with more backing vocals than I’m used from the New Jersey cats. There’s also a 60s feel to the song. The Circle Jerks’ ol’ “Wild In The Street” is a punkrock classic, and EF does a mighty fine job, Steve Miller’s voice is perfect at this full-on mayhem. The monster lives. Nothing you really haven’t heard before but a decent release from BBR.


(#11, 2004)
Written by: Jens

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