Marky Ramone & The Speedkings – Good Cop Bad Cop 7″

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Daredevil Magazine


Date: 20030801

I love this label….always good releases and always special. Maybe you heard about Marky Ramone And The Speed Kings from a friend of a friend and that friend knows somebody who heard a song of Marky Ramone And The Speed Kings…that´s cool, but it would be cooler if you would get your lazy ass on the computer and order this piece of good played Street-Punk…yes, you heard right…good played Street-Punk. It´s really a mistake to await something like the Ramones on this seven inch, don´t understand me wrong I love the Ramones, but I love it when musicians do their Solo stuff and not just do the same stuff they´ve did before. Ok, both groups do Punk, but Marky likes it hard and I think with the Speed Kings he found people who like it hard too (no sexual thing). The two songs on this 7″ are really groovin´, intense and with a lot of spirit. The last release I heard like this was the Heartaches/Agitators Split…powerful and honest.

Rating: (7/7)

(August 2003)
Written by: RB

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