Mary’s Kids – Destroy 7″

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Lowcut Magazine


My first thought as I put this piece of wax on the stereo, ”This sure sounds like Mensen”, and as I looked closer on the back sleeve, it IS Mary Currie of Oslo’s Mensen on vocals and geetar! Less hardrock-ish, and more poppunk/powerpoppy, this is solid rockin’ stuff with memorable hooks. But I think I prefer Mensen because Mary’s Kids doesn’t really stand out that much compared to other female fronted Scandinaivan rockbands. The lyrics of ”Destroy” complains about the state of punkrock nowadays, but sounds a bit too forced I think. Still, a pretty decent 3 track release and a neat Ike & Tina Turner cover (”I’m Fed Up”).
If you dig: Mensen, The Donnas, Saharah Hotnights

(Good. Solid effort.)

(Lowcut #40)
Written by: Jens

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