Midlife Crisis – Cranked Up Really High E.P. 7″

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Long Gone Loser


Date: 20080801

I loved the first Midlife Crisis 7” single and was stoked when this turned up in the mail. On lovely gold vinyl, this 4 track slab or punk rock featuring the all-star line-up of Urrke T (Mary Slim), Dregen (Backyard Babies), Mans (The Maggots) and Robert (Hellacopters), was always gonna be killer – regardless if the songs were good or not. That line-up alone should get mouths drooling. There’s no originals, it’s just 4 guys getting together and playing killer punk covers from the late 70’s. They are all smokin’ versions too! Just real good solid punk rock with a great sound and excellent playing. Here we cop Slaughter & The Dogs, PF Commando, The Outsiders and The Menace. I had never heard some of these originals so the good thing about this single is, like the first one, it got me searching out the original bands. That’s a good sign. This is really great! I love the title track, it’s a balltearer and well worth the bucks alone. Awesome
Written by: Damo

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