Midlife Crisis – Cranked Up Really High E.P. 7″

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Date: 20080801

So hey, dig this: Midlife Crisis is a supergroup comprised of Dregen from the Backyard Babies, Robban from the Hellacopters, and a coupla dudes from the Maggots and Maryslim. I didn’t realize that until I read the hype-sheet; the cover just looks like a buncha rehab-bound hard-luck types. So Midlife Crisis get together whenever-it-happens to bash out some loose-limbed, raw-boned covers of their fave punk rock songs, and there’s a quartet of them here, including, as you might have guessed from the title, Cranked Up Really High by Slaughter and the Dogs, Vital Hours by The Outsiders, and…some seriously obscure shit from The Menace and FF Commando. Odds are, unless you are record collector scum, three outta four of these will sound brand new to you, and the Dogs track is suitably snarly so, you know, right the fuck on!

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