Rickshaw / Noise of Reality – Split 7″

Review in

Long Gone Loser Magazine


Rickshaw are from Sweden, you should know this already, and in case you’ve been ignoring everything we’ve written in LGL about these guys, let me say it again. They kick ass! Their two tracks on this disc are no exception. They still rule! Noise Of Reality, also from Sweden, not only have a totally misleading name but they also have something else in common with their mates in Rickshaw. They too kick ass and huge amounts of it. It’s like Ronnie James Dio singing for a punk rock version of Motorhead. The vocals totally rule and “Sweet Mary” will blow your mind. It has a harmonica solo… enuff said! The riffs on “Comeback” are metal as! Awesome band. Bootleg Booze are fast becoming a label to keep your eyes on with their high quality cover art and great music.
Written by: Damo

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